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Live Review: Dead Poets – The White Rabbit, Plymouth – 17/02/12

We reviewed the Dead Poet’s EP launch in Plymouth! Check out what we thought of their set on the night here..

Band: Dead Poets
Venue: White Rabbit, Plymouth
Date: 17/02/2012

Plymouth post hardcore rockers Dead Poets launched their ‘Break The Walls’ E.P in emphatic style at the local and highly regarded White Rabbit. The venue was packed and filled with people of all ages.

After reviewing ‘Break The Walls’ personally a few days previously we decided that it was a must see live show and can’t help but be a bit smug about how correct we were.

Before we get into detail about the set itself, we would like to point out how well the lighting and stage set up worked throughout the night. Venues that have a smaller capacity then you might find more commercial bands playing at seem to not often have the quality to produce a great sounding or a very visual performance. The White Rabbit though had everything set up perfectly prior to the Dead Poets gracing the stage.

We couldn’t take our eyes off the stage throughout the entire set. Vocalist Danny Brooks screams across the stage in almost spasmodic convulsions, each note hitting perfect hardcore tune. The crowd obviously have been there for them from the very start because it’s not long before they’re singing along to older material. Mark, Corby and Olly played flawlessly and showed complete professionalism, whist maintaining a high octane live show.

If we hadn’t of known any better we would of thought that the Dead Poets had released multiple albums, toured across the globe and were signed to a large label. Everything about the show that night led us to believe that this was the case and we’re sticking to our judgement and saying one day we shall see them and this time they’ll have everything they deserve.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to see one of the South West’s finest entertaining and musically talented new bands.

Reviewer: Leigh Brooks

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