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Live Review: Combichrist – Concorde II, Brighton – 01/07/12

We reviewed the Combichrist show in Brighton last weekend. Check out what we thought of the show right here!

Band: Combichrist
Venue: Concorde II, Brighton
Date: 01/07/12

Hidden away in Brighton’s Concorde II, Norwegian aggrotech noise pioneers Combichrist returned to the UK with audio murder on their minds. They were heralded by a handful of bands, the most memorable being Surgyn.

Throbbing beats and chilling samples shoot through a surgical strike of a set list, the high point of which is definitely ‘Hit The Nerve’. This band brings a lot of flamboyance and charisma to the stage and beyond their costumes lies solid vocals and a fresh burst of life in the industrial genre. They know how important image can be to this crowd and they embrace it eagerly.

Welsh visitors Jayce Lewis go on to bridge the gap between Surgyn and Combichrist with a powerful mix of industrial and metal, perfectly distorted and loud enough to break the tiny venue in half. This is a band with a lot to offer and that’s even clear from the relatively small set they play to warm everyone up for the night’s main act.

The atmosphere is alive in the crowd at this point, but different to that of a regular metal show. There’s no-one rushing the stage here, or pushing to the front desperate to be as close to the band as possible. At first it doesn’t seem like anyone’s that enthusiastic but then it becomes clear – everyone’s just waiting for that moment to leap into action.

From the ominous beginning frontman Andy LePlegua establishes total domination over the crowd, who have begun to wriggle and tense up as the band appears on stage to fire up a titanic drumbeat. The room roars into life as the band launch into a technical tirade of violent synth and stabbing drums, topped off with Andys unmistakable vocals. ‘Are You Connected’, ‘This Shit Will Fuck You Up’, and ‘Get Your Body Beat’ are all rampaged through with ease before the band is even half done. They barely stop between songs and their energy is an unstoppable thing that rolls right over every song with no sign of slowing.

‘Follow the Trail of Blood’ and the final encore ‘What The Fuck is Wrong With You?’ are just as powerful as the start – the pace they maintain is almost unreal. They finally leave the stage to a crowd of buzzing fans, who almost hesitantly trickle out of the venue after an exhausting night of nonstop movement. Combichrist are at home in more intimate venues, addressing the crowd with militaristic strength, and never failing to disappoint.

Combichrist are both incredibly technical and animalistic, ruling the stage with sheer power rather than flashy effects or crowd pleasing antics. They still do what they do better than anyone else, and they’re not about to let the world forget that.


Reviewer: Laurence Braddow

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