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Live Review: Bullet For My Valentine – Wembley Arena – 05-12-13

See what we thought of Bullet For My Valentine’s Rule Britannia Tour right here.

Band: Bullet For My Valentine
Support: Young Guns and Asking Alexandria
Venue: Wembley Arena, London
Date: 05/12/2013

Tonight at Wembley Arena is a night of British (as proved by the giant Union Jack that hides the stage before headliners Bullet For My Valentine’s set).

Unfortunately we only catch the last song of Young Guns’ set, ‘Bones’. But it’s a great one, as frontman Gustav Wood has the crowd screaming the title line.

Next up are the somewhat heavier Asking Alexandria. It’s clear that a large percentage of the crowd are fans of theirs and tonight if Danny asks, Danny gets. He asks people to get on the floor, the whole front half of the standing area are on the floor. He asks them to jump up and go crazy, hardly a single person isn’t moving. He asks for the biggest mosh pit the Arena has ever seen, he gets the biggest mosh pit the Arena has ever seen; and the crowd keep it up for pretty much the entire last song. Danny’s vocals are great and he switches between melodic and screamed with surprising and impressive ease, but soon they leave the stage and the aforementioned giant flag cloaks the stage.

After the audience have sung along to ‘Seize The Day‘ by Avenged Sevenfold played over the loudspeaker, it’s finally time for Bullet For My Valentine to take to the stage, and they come on with a bang. As they enter, the giant mirror ball above the stage sends specks of light across the whole arena, and before the opening song ‘Raising Hell’ is over they have displayed their impressive collection of pyros and let off some fireworks from the rigging above the stage. This immediately promises to be one hell of a show.

Bullet are one of those bands who pride themselves in putting on a great show and performing to the best of their abilities over talking a lot and messing about with fans. This is something that metal fans love and have come to expect from the Welsh rockers and they certainly deliver. Matt Tuck doesn’t speak until after the third song, when he encourages everyone to sing along to one of their early hits ‘All These Things I Hate (Revolve Around Me)’.

With a metal band like Bullet For My Valentine, it’s always nice to have a bit of a surprise in the form of an almost acoustic song, well, part of a song. After the epicness of ‘Temper Temper’ the band leave the stage, for Matt to return and play the first verse and chorus ‘The Last Fight’ alone. The rest of the band did come back to join in and soon all the headbanging and moshing was back.

Before the next song Matt announced it was time for a breather, although he still expected everyone to sing along to ‘Bittersweet Memories‘. This time, as the song ended, Padge was the one left on stage to play an awesome guitar solo as he normally does, ending with the appropriate ‘Rule Britannia’.

Having a five-release discography makes choosing a set-list hard for a band like Bullet, and it’s tricky to keep everyone happy, so in a step to solve this issue, the band merged five tracks, one from each the EP and four albums: Hand of Blood, Room 409, Hearts Burst into Fire, Begging for Mercy and Riot.

The next song, ‘Alone‘, was the last of the main set before the band left the stage, chants of ‘Bullet, Bullet’ starting around the arena, waiting for an encore. The final four songs are an interesting mix. They kick it off with an obvious choice in the form of single ‘Waking The Demon’, followed by a less expected song, ‘Pleasure and Pain’. Then Matt gives a speech about how the whole tour has been to pay homage to British rock, so what better to play than a song by a British band who, in his words, wrote the rule book on rock’n’roll: ‘Ace Of Spades‘ by Motörhead. The final song has been a classic show closer for Bullet For My Valentine for years and ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ got everyone in the room truly rocking out. They put a different twist on it, also playing the guitars from ‘Tears Don’t Fall: Part Two’ through the introduction. It’s a wonderful end to a great metal show and everyone leaves on high, many still singing on the way out of the venue.


Reviewer: Jenna Young
Photos: Rhian Westbury


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