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Live Review: Boardmasters Festival, Newquay 2013

We give you the rundown of what we thought of some of the acts at this years Boardmasters Festival in Newquay!


For the people of Devon and Cornwall Boardmasters festival in the surf town of Newquay has always been a yearly ritual and over the years has become arguably the biggest festival in the region. With it’s mix of extreme sports and music entertainment, from some of the best big and upcoming acts, it’s appeal drags people from not just the region but from all over the world with it’s extreme sports competitions being a definite international affair. Hit The Floor headed down to the event this year to check out the music at the Watergate Bay site. Here our view on some of the weekends acts!

Nina Nesbitt – Friday – Main Stage – 8/10

Reviewer: Chris Hines

Scotlands finest, Miss Nina Nesbitt, bought the sunshine to the bay with her upbeat and happy vibes. At only 19 Nina already seems like a seasoned pro entertaining the crowd and not being put off by the groups of drunken guys on shoulders trying to get her attention. She’s taken guys, you got no chance! As well as her recent hits and tracks off her EP’s she also treats us to brand new track ‘Peroxide’ which goes down a storm with today’s crowd. With her huge progression since last year things are only going to continue to get better for Nina.

Majestic – Friday – Speakerbox Stage – 8/10

Reviewer: Chris Hines

For anyone who may have seen his live sets a few years back the first thing you would have noticed is a big change in direction for North London’s Majestic. Back in the day Majestic was an MC, kind along the lines of Example, but seems these days the raps have been pushed aside and it’s now all about the DJ sets. Not that this is an issue though. Maj definitely knows how to work a crowd. From the moment his set starts Majestic’s ability to hype the crowd into chaos comes out in full force with mosh pits forming and everyone buzzing their tits off. With a set of bass heavy bangers, as well as showcasing his brand new single, Majestic destroyed the Speakerbox tent leaving no one alive. Majestic’s new direction appears to be doing him well but I can’t help but miss some of the MC days.Come on Maj. Get the skills out. You know Cut That Bush was a banger! 😉

Basement Jaxx – Saturday – Main Stage – 8/10

Reviewer: Nick Watson

Headlining the main stage on Saturday night, Basement Jaxx had a lot to live up to. Unlike a lot of dance-orientated acts, Basement Jaxx appeal to a varied audience, their songs full of energy and enthusiasm.

Combined with an obvious passion for what they do, amazing choreography created an incredible experience. Basement Jaxx delivered hit after hit, getting the crowd excited and jumping with energetic interludes.

The peak of the performance had to be when a huge “raving robot” entered the stage, sending the crowd wild. People were talking throughout the entire next day about it, making Basement Jaxx one of the most memorable Boardmasters experiences.

DEVolution – Sunday – Marley Stage – 7/10

Reviewer: Nick Watson

I’ve been keeping an eye on DEVolution for a while. Their blend of garage and house creates a unique, delightfully bouncy sound that gets people jumping on dance floors. With Pete Devereux (One half of Artful Dodger) and Size Records artist Tom Devos making up the duo, you can expect to hear a lot more from DEVolution as they continue to make a name for themselves.

DEVolution were placed on the Marley Stage at Boardmasters, early Sunday evening when the main focus of the festival was chilled music…not the best set time if you ask me. The security were going from person to person carrying out random searches, the DJ before failed to attract any sort of a crowd (plus had a crazy obsession with the Flanger effect) and morale overall just seemed to be low. They had a tough challenge ahead of them.

Fortunately, within just a few tunes the crowd continued to grow from strength to strength and everyone was jumping. DEVolution had delivered! The score would be higher, had it not been for the set timing, poor sound quality and peevish security team putting a downer on the whole experience.

Ben Howard

Ben Howard – Saturday – Main Stage – 6/10

Reviewer: Nick Watson

Thing have sky-rocketed for the Devonshire artist over the past couple of years. In no time at all, we saw Ben Howard go from performing in small venues, to headlining festivals and regular airtime on the majority radio stations.

Sometimes it’s hard to adjust in such a short space of time, which is why I am giving Ben Howard just a 6/10. The band were talented, highly skilled and Ben Howard’s pitch-perfect vocals made the songs themselves incredible. Where it was lacking though, was the crowd motivation. Unclear words during the interludes and lack of energy meant that the crowd stayed fairly motionless throughout the entire set.

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