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Live Review: Attention Thieves – The Vic Inn, Derby – 21/11/12

We reviewed the first date of the small venue headline run from those Reading rockers Attention Thieves! Check out what we thought of the show inside..

Band: Attention Thieves
Support: Floods, A World Defined and Arms Of Atlas
Venue: The Vic Inn, Derby
Date: 21/11/12

The good thing about small local venues is that the audience always seems pretty large in such a small room, not only that we felt the room fill up with those positive hype vibes for the bands about to perform to us as soon as we entered the back room of The Vic Inn in Derby.

First up were Leicester born rockers Arms Of Atlas, who were a cracking opener for tonight’s show. They set the barrier stupidly high for an opening act; to be so technically on point when you are just a show opener must have been unnerving for the headliners and other bands about to play tonight. Their onstage energy and killer material was just what was needed on this cold and dim Wednesday evening. Their cover of Backstreet Boys‘ ‘Everybody’ was clearly loved by everyone watching, a classic guilty pleasure amongst the onlookers with their own track ‘Fire’ being perhaps the highlight of their short set tonight. 8/10

Next up were local Derby lads A World Defined, a band we have heard lots about but were yet to witness live in action until tonight. Although their stage presence and incredible intense vibes from their frontman we struggled to really understand the sound of their material. It all feels a little hectic and rushed in this small room. Maybe they would sound a lot better in a different setting but tonight’s performance unfortunately lacked that welcomed kick in the face we were expecting from this five piece. 5/10

St Albans nutters Floods were up next, known famously for their close to mental frontman James Power, who quite literally loses his mind right in front of you while he performs, as well as that their on stage impact is yet to disappoint us. Tonight the band sound tight and ready for the tiny room in front of them. However, we could not help but feel that next to the insane live screaming vocals from their front man, the singing vocals put perhaps an unwelcomed downer on the bands set for us, being so out of key in places made us feel almost uncomfortable listening.

On the bands debut album tracks like ‘Hotel Coopar’ and ’98’ are most definitely our favourites but we felt disheartened at how different they sounded live tonight compared to their awesome recorded versions. The riffs and guitar parts in the chorus’ of these songs sounded admirable, along with the on point screaming vocals but unfortunately that was all blurred out when the weak singing vocals just kept on coming. Arguably this might just have been a bad day for them but perhaps the band need to concentrate on the driving force of the whole outfit and that’s their frontman. 6/10

Reading rockers Attention Thieves have had one hell of a year and tonight their beacon of awesomeness continued to shine brightly throughout their whole set for us. You can tell why this band are headlining venues right now and playing on stages at Reading and Leeds Festivals because they are simply just a great live band who produce current, on-point material. They quite literally smashed it tonight and it was obvious how far ahead of their support they are.

Yes they might be the tallest band in the world but they certainly know how to play their instruments. Front man Alex Green has one hell of a voice, and as they perform our highlighting track of the night ‘Bring Yourself To Justice’ we are reminded how true that statement really is.

If you are yet to check these guys out then firstly where have you been, and secondly go do it! Head to their big cartel and get their debut EP ‘Look A Little Closer’; for a debut it ain’t half good! 9/10

Reviewer: Steph Knight

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