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Little Simz – AGE 101: DROP 1 | EP Review

We’ve reviewed Little Simz new EP ‘AGE 101: DROP 1’! Have a listen & stream it here!

Source: EP Artwork

Simbi Ajikawo, better known as Little Simz and formerly known as Lil Simz, has made quite the name for herself despite only being at the tender age of 20. She recently released her debut EP “E.D.G.E” which followed her fourth mixtape Blank Canvas that was released via Jay-Z’s Life+Times website. As well as her music career, Little Simz has tried her hand in acting, being cast as Vicky in Spirit Warriors in 2010 and Meleka in the hit show Youngers in 2013.

Singer and actress Little Simz has upped her game again with the release of her new EP ‘AGE 101: DROP 1,which relates to the label AGE 101 that she has recently got fellow London rapper OTG to be a part of. ‘Drop 1‘ shows signs of many more releases to come, but Little Simz says that this release should not take the focus away from her mixtape E.D.G.E which is her main body of work.

On the release of  her new EP, Little Simz said, “the whole point of doing this mini-EP was basically… there is no point. I feel like when you always try and justify something or there always has to be a purpose to something, it kinda loses everything. She went on to add, “Sometimes I like to be spontaneous, sometimes I like to do things out of the extraordinary, sometimes I don’t like to think about what I do and I just like to do it. I simply just cant get enough of making music, I can’t get enough of putting out music and just giving my friends something new.”

This new EP features four tracks entitled ‘Homosapiens Vs Aliens, ‘Age 101 (Directors Cut,’ ‘Have I’ and ‘Sleep Paralysis (ft. Emerson Brooks). ‘Homosapiens Vs Aliens’ allows Little Simz to burst in with her usual electronic hip-hop style while clearly taking inspiration from Azealia Banks. She pours her lyrics over a moodier melody in ‘AGE 101which adds a different level to the EP as a whole. Have I‘ is the most popular song to come off the EP so far with it being played on multiple radio stations including BBC Radio 1Extra. The bouncier melody teamed with the atmospheric background and well written words create a track that is bound for good things. The final track ‘Sleep Paralysis‘ is reminiscent of the style of Lauryn Hill, as Emerson Brooks joins in to drop in the catchiest chorus of the EP. Of all of the tracks on the works, Sleep Paralysis and Have I are the most likely to create waves for Little Simz.

The new EP is available to buy from her website and is available to stream through Soundcloud. Listen to the tracks below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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