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Like A Storm – Awaken The Fire | Album Review

New Zealand trio Like A Storm do their best to whip up a torrential downpour of awesomeness on their latest album ‘Awaken The Fire.’ Is it a washout? Find out here.

Source: Album cover

Source: Album Artwork

A spoonful of melodic radio rock makes the medicine go down in the U.S and New Zealanders, Like A Storm, are delivering their version in a delightful way in the form of their third record, Awaken The Fire.

Aside from the delirious effects of the didgeridoo on opener ‘Chaos,’ the trio’s metallic rock fails to whip up a gust of wind let alone a hurricane, playing it safe pretty much throughout the record.

With nu-metal infected guitars that border on the generic and Chris Brooks’ best attempts at impersonating Jacoby Shaddix you begin to wonder why the likes of ‘Love The way You Hate Me’ are popular across the pond.

It’s not until the sleaze of ‘Wish You Hell’ makes itself known does it sort of click and you realise that the trio may have a fighting chance of reaching stardom. With a country sheen weaved through (don’t ask), crunching riffs and an infectious chorus that oozes swag you can’t help but begin to warm to the trio.

Where Like A Storm may be more mindless Orc when it comes to roaming around hard rock they are certainly heroic Hobbits in the ballad stakes, with ‘Break Free’ leading the way with a gargantuan chorus full of heart that would leave the likes of Creed green with envy. While the soppy, acoustic vibes of ‘Southern Skies’ would even get Bear Grylls reaching into his knapsack for a tissue.

However, it’s a step too far treading on Coolio’s toes, with a hard rock cover of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ that’ll leave you wincing in pain at the sheer audacity of taking it on.

Like A Storm know their way around crafting a ballad fit for the airwaves but their dull Papa Roach approach to rock could do with a polish.

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