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Kylie Minogue – Kiss Me Once | Album Review

Kylie Minogue is back with album number 12 ‘Kiss Me Once’! Check out what HTF thought of it here!

An incredible 26 years since she released her debut album, Kylie Minogue is back with her twelfth studio record, ‘Kiss Me Once‘. Now under the wing of Jay-Z at Roc Nation, the Australian singer begins a new chapter in her career. Given her continuous success over the years, Kylie is practically musical royalty, and with this eleven song album, she returns to show she still holds that pop crown.

The album begins with the catchy ‘Into The Blue‘, the first track to be released as a single. It carries an electronic dance sound, making it the perfect club hit. ‘Million Miles‘ is a packaged pop song, but very derivative of much of Kylie’s previous material. We are then met with I Was Gonna Cancel‘, much more of a funky 80’s track, with a dazzling electro melody. It certainly reflects the style of Pharrell Williams, with whom Kylie worked  to produce it. 

Next track ‘Sexy Love‘, however, is back to pop at its finest and would make for a perfect Summer single. The lyrics ‘You look so sexy, so sexy, in my head. You look so sexy, so sexy, in my bed’ are shamefully catchy from the first listen, and will instantly have you dancing. The title of fifth song ‘Sexercize‘ sounds sleazy in itself and the song isn’t much better. It does nothing for Kylie, an ultimately classy songstress but any angst about the rest of the album is soon dispelled with ‘Feels So Good‘. Kylie’s lighthearted tones seem to effortlessly grace over the electro bassline, making for easy listening.

If Only‘ seems to over-compensate on instruments, giving a rather discorded feeling to the track. By the end, it becomes quite uncomfortable to listen to. However, ‘Les Sex‘ is great tune – with a heavy beat, and high-energy bassline that gives it a disco vibe. Ninth song and title track ‘Kiss Me Once‘ is written by Sia and the songwriter certainly delivers. It packs the punch, with its bells and electronic rhythm creating an atmospheric number.

As the album’s penultimate track, ‘Beautiful‘, featuring Enrique Iglesias could have been a potentially ‘beautiful’ track, but the emotion in the pair’s vocals are predominantly lost through autotuning. It’s a shame the duet falters due to over-production and easily forgettable lyrics. However, the record is saved by final song ‘Fine‘, slightly more subtle than previous songs but could be a possible club hit nonetheless. It makes for an enjoyable – and positive – conclusion to Kylie’s latest musical instalment.

Given that Kylie Minogue‘s last release was in 2010 with ‘Aphrodite‘, it is certainly good to have fresh material from her. She knows she’s good and she continues to deliver – for the most – glossy electro-pop tracks. Despite her other commitments – such as being a judge on The Voice – it seems certain that Kylie will continue to make music for many years to come. Here’s to the next 26 years!

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