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Krokus – Long Stick Goes Boom | Album Review

After almost 40 years, Swiss rockers Krokus have released a live album. Check out what we thought of it here.

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Live albums are always a dangerous option. On the one hand you could capture lightning in a bottle; something so special it will stick in the listeners head for an eternity. On the other hand you could show that although you are great on record, when it comes to doing it live, you actually suck. Here we have ‘Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust)’ by Swiss hard rockers Krokus. I’m somewhat embarrassed with myself that I have not heard of these guys before, especially due to the fact they have been going close to 40 years so this is not just a live album it is also my introduction to the band.

Recording your live album in your hometown is always a good move and one that Krokus use here. You are guaranteed a strong, enthusiastic crowd and that is prevalent throughout this concert. The first thing I notice when the opening chords of the opening track, and also name of the album, ‘Long Stick goes Boom’, is that the guitar has an AC/DC feel to it. Then when the vocals hit I notice that this band sound EXACTLY like AC/DC. The rhythm, the vocals, the stomp, it’s all there. If you didn’t know this was Krokus you would swear you were listening to an unheard album by the legendary Australian rockers.

The AC/DC resemblance aside, this is a strong album. Helped along by an ever enthusiastic crowd who shout, scream and singalong every step of the way. The band march through their tracks in a bombastic manner. At no point do you see any sign of them slowing down. It has everything you want from a classic hard rock live show. Foot stomping hits? Yes, every single one of them. Medleys? yes indeed, here with the trio of party bangers ‘Rock City’, ‘Better Than Sex’ and the fantastically titled ‘Dog Song’. What am I saying? every song on this has a fantastic title that suits the band completely. ‘Hallelujah Rock N’ Roll’, ‘Screaming in The Night’, ‘Hoodoo Woman’ that’s just some of the titles on offer here. Even if you have never heard the band before you know from those titles you wont be getting a James Blunt type album. The band even have time to go into a few covers, at one point playing a snippet of a Who track and then playing a pretty fantastic cover of ‘American Woman’, originally recorded by The Guess Who but made more famous by Lenny Kravitz.

All in all this is an enjoyable listen and an enjoyable live album. It shows that the band can deliver live and even after almost 40 years can still belt out foot stomping, good time rock n’ roll. Trust me, if you like AC/DC you are going to enjoy this one too.

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