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Joss Stone – Water For Your Soul | Album Review

Joss Stone takes on a new style with her seventh album – here’s what we thought of it!

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

British singer-songwriter Joss Stone releases her seventh studio album Water For Your Soul. The new album takes her on a new musical direction where she takes influence from a range of different musical genres.

The opening chilled out R&B tracks of ‘Love Me’ and ‘This Ain’t Love’, instantly reflect a strong reggae sound. This Caribbean soul theme remains prominent throughout the rest of the album, with the upbeat ‘Wake Up’, the Bob Marley inspired ‘Way Oh’ and the groovy ‘Molly Town’.

However, as well as reggae influences, there are also references to other cultures too as she’s currently on her Total World Tour where she aims to perform in every country. The flamenco guitar in ‘Let Me Breathe’ reflects Latin inspiration and Stone expresses an Indian style through the use of tablas in ‘Stuck On You’, which is certainly a stand out track on the album.

It draws to a close with the gospel and string led ‘The Answer’, with this upbeat and positive soulful track merging together a range of styles, being an appropriate end to the album.

Water For Your Soul was certainly an experimental album, representing a change in direction for Stone. While it offers both relaxing and upbeat reggae tracks, it does get a bit repetitive at times, with too many of the tracks being easily forgettable. Stone’s unique and sultry vocals do shine throughout and certainly cannot be faulted, but unfortunately the soulful funk style that got Joss Stone a name as a soul sensation is sadly missing.

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