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It’s Grunge Up North | Creature – Reborn | Single Review

Newcastle Grunge mob Creature have a new single. It’s called Reborn and owns 348 flannel shirts.

Source: Official Artwork

With a rock music scene that’s ruled by metalcore and pop punk these days it’s nice to see some audible diversity out there, especially when it’s coming from the new wave of artists, the underground. In this case it’s North East noise merchants Creature with their latest grunge number, ‘Reborn’.

Bringing forward thick atmospheric sludge instrumentally and a clear yet eerie vocal tone throughout, Creature are bringing back echoes of a simpler time. Of course we’re talking about the 90’s; garage rock noise babies, pure and unexposed to the millennial plague of today. We’re not intentionally shitting on the releases of today, there’s great stuff out there. However with this track, we’ve got a real surprise on our hands.

A breath of fresh air – or as fresh as grunge can get – something new and exciting, in essence something that just generally bangs. ‘Reborn’ is the first track featuring their new drummer Jamie Oliver (heard he’s a great cook) and fair play to the man he’s off to a great start at musical skin smacking. However, what makes the track for us is the harrowing harmonies between the bodacious bass lines of Mr. David Scott and the combo craftsman on guitar and vocals that is Sam Avery.

‘Reborn’ get its official release on March 16, along with a release show ever at Little Buildings Newcastle. Northern pals, book the night off and go have a nice time with some nice chaps. Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Reborn’ music video. Creature everybody! Find them on Facebook and spread some love.

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