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Inside One of Skrillex Smallest Shows To Date by the “Skrillex Fanboy”

Hit The Floor, thanks to Eat Your Own Ears, get inside to one of his smallest shows to date, in a pub, yes a 100 capacity pub in London. It was going to be one of the best and random nights and we even learn a little something…..

As many of you may know Hit The Floor are huge fans of Skrillex and have been for years and we were lucky enough, thanks to Eat Your Own Ears to get tickets to one of his smallest shows to date, in a pub, yes a 100 capacity pub in London. It was going to be one of the best and random nights Hit The Floor have ever had, but before I do tell you this tale I wish to set the record straight.

You may have seen reviews on other sites about this gig that mention a Skrillex fanboy dressed as him wondering about the venue. I’d like to say I was that fanboy. While yes I do accept the fact I look very similar to Skrillex and welcome banter with open arms I do resent being called a overweight hipster freak and other personal attacks, not just on my appearance when compered to Skrillex, but my overall look. While I do understand the need to mention such a site at a Skrillex gig what I don’t understand is the sheer balls out insults and other such things I’ve read and the fact that only one single person came up and asked me about “my look”  that night, everyone else who I spoke too just looked past it. I’m not going to sit here and attack those who have attacked me but I will end by saying Sonny has been an idol of mine for years I have always looked up to him, many for personal reasons that I’m not going to go in to, mainly because you wouldn’t give an ass, and me copying his haircut is no different than copying the Rachel haircut in the 90s or wanting Ryan Gosling’s jacket from Drive.

Back to the point, Hit The Floor and co set off to the Shackwell Arms soon after Skrillex finished his headline set at London’s South West Four festival on Clapham Common. As we arrived we were escorted to the back door of the pub given sliver bands of happiness then the wait began. As local DJs Mudd Up warmed up the crowd for Sonny and friends arrival we got stuck in to the Red Stripe, had a chat with Rizzle Kicks which just involved Jordon commenting on our hair and even one of us were interviewed by fellow music magazine NME.

As the lovely barman called out over the smoking area that the hero of the hour had arrived we all piled into a room that felt a bit like that bathroom from Saw. I do now regret  wearing smart shoes. Before too long sweat was dripping from the ceiling and I had found myself at the side of the stage, with no room to move. So my lack of dancing was not though choice in spite of the woman next to me trying to help me out by grinding my hip bone down with her ass.

Skrillex and Flux Pavilion took control of the night while their girlfriends and management looked on from behind the stage. They bashed out classics that spanned the genres leaving no musical stone unturned. The centre of there set seems to focus around the Hip Hop arena. This went on for hours, Sonny darted off just before the end leaving Flux the bring the night to it’s end, but by this stage the Red Stripes had started to take effect and I had to move, even if it was to get the feeling back in my legs. This was certainly one of the most surreal experiences of our lives and is something we could never seen the likes of again.

So in closing, this is where it’s going to get all Jerry Springer, We all fangirl, everyone of us has idols, and nobody has the right to judge someone based on that fact, however they express their love for these idols be it copying their style, names, life choices. If you see someone at a Deadmau5 gig wearing a mouse head they are probperly at their happiest, a little girl at a One Direction gig with a “I Love Harry Styles” tee shirt on. Sometimes its not about how you look at a gig, it’s the memory’s you create there, even in London. Dance like nobody is watching, or in my case, stand there and some girl will dance for you.

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