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InMe – Talking Heads, Southampton – 09/05/14 | Live Review

Check out what we thought of InMe’s set when they played in Southampton.

Oxygen Thief, the first support act of the night, is the brain child of Bristol based Barry Dolan. The solo project-come-electric three piece was full of energy and passion from the word go. Red lights filled the Talking Heads (Southampton) stage. Although a small crowd of onlookers surrounded the performers during the beginning of their 7.30pm set, it was apparent that by the end the trio had gained a large number of new fans.

The newly formed audience watched in awe as lead vocalist and guitarist Barry thrashed his guitar about, his ponytail flicking in every direction to the beat of his relentless guitar strumming and complimentary playful vocals. Aggressive acoustic riffs including: ‘There can only be one’, ‘Accidents Do Not Happen They Are Caused’ and ‘Modesty is Dead’. The latter track involved slow to fast melodies in a seamless performance, highlighting the artist’s abilities and this new electronic-acoustic rock style.

What came next shocked and entranced every spectator present. The Red Paintings, the second and final support of the night, are an Australian art/orchestral rock band. The word ‘quirky’ would underestimate what the audience was about to witness.

Dressed in what can only be described as Geisha dresses, with faces painted, black wigs, Cossack hats and fluffy props, the band certainly made a statement. With an artist on board – who was dressed in a black morph suit with her face painted (what else could you expect) – the band played their experimental songs.

It was hard to know where to look. Lead vocalist Trash McSweeney helps the band to produce a combination of soft and American-esque vocals. This sound, teamed with the eye catching aesthetic and emotive musicianship, surely helps the band gain their recognition in a new environment. The violin performance was entrancing, alluring and professional, Alix Kol played in such an experimental and playful manner that she, in many parts, drew the entire audience’s attention. And let’s not forget, the band had a hamster on stage. A hamster. In an open front wheel. Running to the sound of the heavy bass, drums and high pitched violins. Most surreal moment, ever.

It’s now time for the final and most important performance of the night. The headline act, InMe – back on our UK stages after how many years? Maybe you forgot about them or perhaps you have their classic tracks saved in your phone under ‘reminiscence’. The performance was not a disappointment, including familiar breakdowns, an older sound with the same attitude as the classic tracks. Although looking slightly older, as you might expect, they still rocked out and the same liquid vocals left Dave McPherson’s mouth (and now bald head).

An electric atmosphere filled the venue when the band performed Myths and Photographs – as fans chanted and repeated lyrics, the band seemed shocked to still gain the recognition after such a long time. A feeling of teen-hood reminiscence surrounded fans as they similarly chanted to Single of the Weak – a song which was still performed so accurately, showcasing the band’s seamless riffs, drum beats and ruggedly soft vocals. The track was recreational because it marked a move into the mainstream; it attracted a lighter audience of listeners whereas previous tracks had been oh-so-heavy.

Other songs performed included ‘Natural’, which gained the largest crowd interactivity and ‘Firefly’. The songs marked the bands return to the limelight in an understated manner. The stage was swarmed by masses of appreciators and old InMe fans who want to see the band progress into future music ventures. Dave spoke about old performances, one particular show when he threw up on himself. He joked: “Who was the dude that, while I was throwing up on myself, said can I get a photo man. Prick.”

The band announced news that they will soon be releasing their EP ‘The Destinations’. You can see what we thought of the InMe EP here.

The three performances were pretty exciting. Mixing experimental genres, catchy riffs and familiar sounds into one group of performances, the InMe gig certainly played host to genre blending.

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