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InME Get A Heroes Welcome At Intimate Huddersfield Show – 26/05/2016 | Live Review

InME show those in attendance tonight that not only do they still ‘have it’, they also have a lot more to give!


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British alt-rockers InME have done it all, getting signed as teens and being magazine cover-stars. Touted as the next big thing for many years, although the band never  reached the heights of bands such as Muse and Biffy Clyro they have fashioned themselves a strong career, with a string of successful albums and are still relevant today which is nothing to scoff at, especially when you look at the amount of bands who have been cast to the wayside.

Tonight the band arrive at The Parish in Huddersfield as part of the venues 10-year celebration. The multi-award winning venue has earned itself one hell of a rep over the years as being small but having the kahunas to go for the big boys, as this whole month proves. InMe are here to play a 90-minute retrospective and all those in attendance are literally shaking with anticipation.

The band are on fire tonight, the show may not be sold out but this crowd are REALLY, REALLY into every single note and word that spills from the stage. The energy that fills the room from start to finish is nothing short of startling. Tonight isn’t just about the music but also the chemistry that exists not just between those on stage but also between band and fan. At one point, frontman Dave McPherson, thanks the crowd only to have the crowd scream thank you straight back at them. What follows is a very amusing minute of band and crowd thanking each other.

InME dig deep into their back catalogue playing choice cuts from each of their releases, it’s when you sit back and listen that you actually realise what a deep set of songs they have to choose from. InME are not old guys but it is only at a gig like this you realise that 2016 marks their 20th year as a band! Think about that for a second. 20 years!!! For Dave McPherson he has been doing this band for the entirety of his adult life and it shows. He commands his crowd but there are no egos on display here. He commands them yes, they listen to every word he says, yes but he commands them with respect and they follow with respect and it is a rare sight to see.

Every member of the band are a talent and each has a chance to show they are solid and at the top of their game. Bassist Greg McPherson goes for it from start to finish, there is no slowing down on his part and a band will always only be as good as their drummer, luckily for us and them, InME have Simon Taylor who is a beast!

All in all the band are on fine form, the crowd is on fine form and a truly special evening has been created. Sure the size of the venues on this tour may not be the biggest but the dedication the bands constantly display and the passion the band still pour out proves to all that there is still a lot more to come from InME.

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