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The Hype Theory – The Hunted | EP Review

See what we think of The Hype Theory’s upcoming release right here.

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The Hype Theory are a female led rock band from Essex, who manage to stand out from the many pop punk female led bands coming out lately.

The opening, and lead, track ‘Gone’ is a beautiful melodic track, accompanied by piano. The vocals are very clean, feminine, and showcase quite a high range. This vocal style follows through the album, even as the music picks up.

The second track ‘If You’re Going Down (I’m Going With You)’ starts with soft guitar and melodic vocals tying it in with the first. As the chorus kicks in, so do the drums, showing why this band are rock. The vocals resemble a cross between Tay Jardine from We Are The In Crowd and Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive, with high emotion and passion poured into them.

The third track gets slightly heavier again, and holds more of a similarity to Flyleaf, especially the guitar when it first kicks in during the introduction. Even then, it still flows with the rest of the EP. Katy Jackson’s vocals also seem to change, sounding close to Flyleaf’s ex-vocalist Lacey Mosley.

Closing song ‘Heartsick’ takes us back to the more pop punk tones of We Are The In Crowd with the vocals hitting a lower register than the first few tracks to fit the mood of the song. It’s the most upbeat track on the EP leaving you in high spirits.

These four tracks show the range of moods and styles The Hype Theory are capable of, and they do all of them very well. In an increasing sea of female vocalists within this genre, this band stand out as one of the more talented.

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