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Ho99o9 – United States Of Horror | Album Review

How well does mixing punk and hip hop work? We checked out the debut album of Ho99o9 to find out.

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It’s fair to say that within almost any form of entertainment there’s a nostalgia element that sits within its fan-base, for music in particular – no matter the genre there will always be those of the mindset “It was better when…”. This is mostly down to the fact that in music, it’s hard to bring something fresh and new to the table when almost everything has been done. But there’s a certain duo that are proof that not EVERYTHING has.

New Jersey hip-hop/punk crusade Ho99o9 are a concept of which very few will have heard something similar. Creating their own amalgamation of metal, punk, and rap to which they describe “deathkult” the duo are a bile charged power trip intent on sticking their middle fingers up at the system; and debut album United States Of Horror pushes their attack forward with unrelenting force.

While United States Of Horror remains the interesting tale of a fusion of genres at all times, a sinister hip-hop tone floats throughout the record most, and gives an incredible amount of bounce to proceedings – ‘War Is Hell’ and ‘Moneymachine’ are tracks that Ho99o9 can open a live set with, and rely on the tracks to get some energy flowing.

With both punk and hip-hop being historically seen as anti-establishment, Ho99o9 seem to find themselves perfectly in their element when they have something to fight against. Punk lead tracks ‘Sub-Zer0’ and ‘City Rejects’ are filled with all the pace and fury you could look to find in songs of their ilk, thus giving the duo much more of an edge than just being two angry guys who have made their way into music.

Clocking in at 17 tracks, United States Of Horror does become a test of endurance but surprisingly doesn’t seem to run out of originality, with the punching title track and the almost psychedelic experience of ‘Blaqq Hole’  keeping things fresh and unexpected.

Despite having such a blend of genre’s present throughout the record, United States Of Horror is difficult to pin down as to who could enjoy it most. While in some areas it can lack star power, the record is a turbocharged journey of angst and fighting back against oppression, and at the very least – gets the adrenaline pulsing.

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