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Hit The Lights – Just To Get Through To You | EP Review

Pop punk band Hit The Lights have just dropped their new acoustic EP ‘Just To Get Through To You’. Check out what we thought of it here!

Source: EP Artwork

Source: EP Artwork

You probably don’t know that pop punk quintet Hit The Lights have been around since 2003, and you probably even don’t know that they’ve released four albums and four EPs. And why? Because, like a lot of good bands in the pop punk scene, they are highly underrated.

But nevertheless, the band does the genre proud by doing their pop punk duty and keeping the bouncy breakdowns, catchy angst-filled lyrics, and punchy riffs flowing.

Though maybe a little softer and quieter than usual, Hit The Lights’ new acoustic EP Just To Get Through To You isn’t lacking in angsty lyrics and bouncy well-constructed melodies.

Newer track Blasphemy, Myself and I’ gets a soft, mellow facelift. In the original version (from Summer Bones), the impressive and infectious guitar riffs and full, fast-paced drums are the focus of the track, however in this stripped-back version, you can fully hear and appreciate just how beautiful and melodic Nick Thompson’s vocals are. He has a very light, flexible voice, much like Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn. There are many instances in the song where we get a very Kellin-vibe.

Classic track ‘Drop The Girl’ still maintains its cheeky pop punkness in its acoustic form. However, the new soft background almost makes you feel sorry for the clueless boy chasing the bitchy girl. It’s added a whole new layer of emotion to the otherwise playful, sing-a-long track. Don’t worry though, the background “whooooa’s” are still in there, with some added fresh, crisp vocals.

‘Save Your Breath’ honestly sounds like a completely different song! It went from a track basically exemplifying all pop punk songs in 2005-2008, to being an emotional, almost painful ballad. The track, along with ‘Fucked Up Kids’, does, however, show that Nick Thompson’s vocals would work pretty damn well in pop music! I get a very 90s boy-band vibe from his voice, and no, I don’t mean it in a bad way because I am all about Backstreet Boys and NSYNC!

‘Summer Bones’ gives the EP a much-needed shot of raw emotion. The track is even sadder and moving in its acoustic form.

New track ‘Lighthouse’ is a subtle, delicate track featuring a soft guitar (at first), some passionate raw vocals and killer drums. Along with the absolutely brilliant ‘Blasphemy, Myself and I’, probably the best track on the album.

Though we like the raw, fast-paced pop punkness of Hit The Lights’ regular music, we can enjoy and appreciate it in its easy-going, mellow form.

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