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Hevy Festival – Saturday 16th August | Live Review

Day 2 of Hevy festival kicked off with a trip to the zoo…… Check out what we made of the music as well!

Third Stage

Palm Reader
As they explained, Palm Reader were brought together at 2011’s Hevy Fest, so their place on the stage in 2014 was a great honour. Having released a fantastic debut in the form of 2013‘s ‘Bad Weather’, the band have been storming the scene recently. The band pulled in a very impressive crowd, and their set, with a couple of new tracks thrown in for good measure, managed to please the thirsty fans. Sadly the vocals could have been louder, but the intricacies of the guitars needed to be heard. 4.5/5 LH

Credit: Rhian Westbury

The Hell
After failing to see The Hell at Camden Rocks due to an overcrowded venue (The Black Heart!) we were super excited to finally see the band. If you are looking for an overriding performance then The Hell are the ones to see. As they stride on stage the guitarist looks like he’s come straight out of the Macklemore video for ‘Thrift Shop’ with his massive fur jacket and Hawaiian shirt. Inflatable hammers are thrown into the crowd – hitting many a photographer and crowd members heads – and a friend dressed in an inflatable dick costume are just standard by performance standards of this band. They’re energetic, they like to jump around and even climb up parts of the stage: it’s becoming a much more common thing to see in modern bands, creating a ferocious live performance is just as important as the music. In this case the music is also pretty great, riffs, beats and screams: The Hell are everything we love about Hevy Festival. 4/5 RW

Photos by: Rhian Westbury

Reviews by: Lizzi Hart, Amber Carniege, Sam Lawrie and Rhian Westbury

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