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Hevy Festival – Saturday 16th August | Live Review

Day 2 of Hevy festival kicked off with a trip to the zoo…… Check out what we made of the music as well!

Credit: Rhian Westbury

Reel Big Fish
Hevy Fest obviously predicted that we wanted to spend our Saturday night skanking in a field and they certainly checked that box with Reel Big Fish. From ‘Everyone Else Is An Asshole’ through to their cover of ‘Take On Me’ the crowd just didn’t stop. As both Reel Big Fish and the crowd were in for one hell of a party with hit after hit. ‘She Has A Girlfriend Now’ rippled the sea the off people as they attempted to keep in time with Reel Big Fish’s dynamics. Ensuing an incredible atmosphere and an awesome way to see of the beginning of the end of Hevy Fest 2014. Anthem ‘Beer’ riled up the crowd with a slice of The Offspring’s ‘Self Esteem’ sneakily added on the end. So with the leaders of Ska fully giving the set everything they had despite constantly been on tour Reel Big Fish now how to instigate a party. 4.5/5 AC

Credit: Rhian Westbury

The Vandals
Punk veterans The Vandals are perhaps one of the oddest acts listed on the Hevy line-up this weekend, yet here they are, headlining the final night of the festival. However, as soon as they hit the stage it’s obvious that the festival organisers knew exactly what they were doing when they booked them, because they end the weekend on a definite high. Their light-hearted punk-rock songs are short, sharp and fun, and alongside their on-stage banter, everyone is cracking up with laughter. Anyone who thinks punk rock is all about angst and rage, The Vandals are here to prove you wrong. Their set ends with a cover of Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’, an insistent encore and guitarist Warren Fitzgerald climbing the stage scaffolding in his underpants- if you didn’t leave with a grin on your face, you were obviously at the wrong festival. 4.5/5 SL

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