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Henrietta – The Trick Is Not Minding |Album Review

The long awaited debut album from Henrietta is almost here, and we’ve given it a listen. Here’s what we thought of it.

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For fans of bands like Braid and Balance and Composure who are keeping an eye on the so-called new wave of emo rock bands taking over the music scene right now, you may want to listen up. It’s been a long time coming (try six years!) of playing music in bedrooms, garages, basements for Henrietta; but ‘The Trick Is Not Minding’ is the band’s debut set to be released at the end of August. It’s a rather subtle album of sorts, not layered with hooks upon hooks and extensive trills. Rather, its simple and uncomplicated style is what makes it appealing and easier for us to appreciate.

Representative of the sound of the album is opening track ‘Give Up Kid’, providing a smooth start to everything. The quiet beginning allows listeners to fully appreciate the slightly raspy, yet soothing vocals of Manny Urdaneta. With its rising tempo, this song channels the first sparks of the fire Henrietta are about to light with the remainder of the album.

One song that really caught our attention, and we can’t get enough of is ‘Constantinople’.  Every aspect ties in so well together; the vocals, guitars, the rocky beat and the occasional clap-claps. If there ever was some sort of checklist on what makes a great song, this one ticks all the boxes. Well, almost all. We wish this belter were longer, but that’s always the case with songs we take a liking to isn’t it?

Almost a contrast to the fun pace of ‘Constantinople’, is ‘Brutus’. The mention of the sea in this track is extremely relevant to its overall vibe. As a halfway point, this vocal-led song can be seen as the calm between storm and storm. It works as a nice sort of interlude for the album. It may be slow, but it does not drag on in its efforts. This track has the power to leave us feeling all reflective.

‘Vacations’ is another fun song to groove to. The upbeat drums and the brief stint of gang-like vocals at the end are just a few things that will surely work in this song’s favour when played live. The adventure comes to an end with ‘Orion’, another superb track we’ve fallen quite in love with. The instrumentals are so effective in creating an atmosphere. The short guitar strums fit paradoxically with the lingering vocals, producing a rather dark undertone.

‘The Trick Is Not Minding’ may not seem like a brilliant album from the very start, but it possesses a certain quality that makes it even better with each listen. We’re excited for you all to hear what Henrietta are capable of. We may be going out on a limb here, but it’s one of our favourite releases of this year so far. Go give it a spin.

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