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Heel – Stranger Just The Same | EP Review

London pop-rockers Heel have a new EP coming out, see what we thought of it here.

Credit: Press

Credit: Press

London quartet Heel are a female lead soft rock band, who are looking to escape this sort of genre classification and just be appreciated for their music.

The opening track from their EP, Stranger Just The Same, is called ‘Stranger‘ and doesn’t waste any time with all instruments kicking in together hitting you with a pop rock introduction. The music softens in time for the vocals, so they don’t take anything away from Margarita (aka Maggie)’s vocal. The best way to describe her vocal style is refreshing. This isn’t another Hayley William‘s with a mainstream, radio-friendly voice, Maggie has her own style.

Gone‘ has a slightly more bass heavy sound, getting a bit darker. Its in the pre-chorus through to the chorus on this song that we realise who Maggie‘s voice is comparable to; Gwen Stefani. The music is still something quite different from anything Stefani has been a part of though. The bridge of this track takes us to a well executed guitar solo, showcasing that these guys technically know what they are doing.

In the third track, there is another side to Maggie‘s vocals. Everything slows down for this track, as can be assumed from the title ‘We’ll Fall Back In Love‘. Over the calm guitar riff and down-tempo drums, we hear a higher range on her voice, giving it a softer edge. The track does build up, not spending the whole song down beat, climaxing just before the end when we are left on the same mood we started on.

Fourth and final track ‘Not You‘ starts with drums, a nice contrast to the calm outro of ‘We’ll Fall Back In Love‘, taking us back to the immediate rock nature of ‘Stranger‘, Maggie‘s voice returning to its Stefani-esque quality. Yet again we are treated to some great guitar skills, both in a solo and under the vocals towards the end of the track.

Heel are definitely on their way to achieving their goal, being appreciated just because they make good music, as they are hard to compare to any big female fronted bands at the moment.

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