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HEARTSREVOLUTION – Ride Or Die | Album Review

Thumbs up, or thumbs down? Check out what we thought about the debut album from HEARTSREVOLUTION!


Source: Official Album Artwork

Source: Official Album Artwork

are a New York based outfit specialising in ‘Synthpunk’ and ‘New Rave’, with the description of ‘The Model for the Modern Pop Group’ stapled to them. Here they introduce themselves with their brand new debut album ‘Ride Or Die’, which is out now on Kitsune Records / OWSLA.

To begin at the end as it were, the overall album has no sense of build, dynamic or control. The sound that the group strive to achieve is admiral and maybe by adding more of these three factors, could have turned into something truly excellent and unique, but sadly, this is not the case.
Right from the off opening track, ‘Iscream Bombs/Ride or Die’, the band start as they mean to go on, with a high paced, rock-tinged, head-kicking tone guaranteed to fuel some mosh pit fires!

However, there are occasional breaks from the ear-wrecking rave-rock. The lightly more chilled vibes of ‘Kishi Kaisei’ bring to mind that of the wind down of a house party, before everybody slumps messily onto the patch of floor they intend to pass out on, but after everyone has been running at full-speed party mode. It is a nice break from the energy, but would have probably been more effective in the closing moments of the album, rather than as the third track.

The other stand-out moment on the album is the glitch-hop and nu-disco feelings to album semi-finale, ‘Final Destination’, which comes with a pleasantly funky twist. In fact, this track again feels as though it has been misplaced, with a feel of mid-album energy that could have again done a nice job of breaking up the blistering guitars and mad as hell vocals and synths!

So to summarise, is ‘Ride or Die‘ any good? Well, it succeeds in what it sets out to do, which is to push the barriers of the modern rave scene. It has truly excellent moments that stand out like a giant among the dwarfs (such a very Tolkien comparison image), yet with a lack of any kind of pace, diversity or difference from one track to the next, this feels more like HEARTSREVOLUTION creating a project for themselves over the listener.

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