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Haggard Cat – Challenger | Album Review

Haggard Cat have branched out with their new album ‘Challenger’ – Here is what we have to say about it.

Source: Album Artwork

We find ourselves almost five months into 2018, could this be the time where bands amalgamate to form super bands? Sort of… Maybe…

You may have heard of Heck, but have you heard of Haggard Cat? They are none other than Matt Reynolds and Tom Marsh, two of the founder members of Heck, Matt covering lead guitar and vocals and Tom on Drums. As fans, we are often guilty of close minded judgement and restricting musicians we know and love to their last project. Allowing ourselves to be open to what diverse ideas and projects musicians have to offer is what can make the magic.

We recommend you start your Haggard Cat journey by viewing their video for Bone Shaker At first glance this could come across as a little bit Lo-Fi, maybe even cheap, but if you delve a little deeper into the psyche behind the musical offerings of the Nottingham duo, it’s obvious the video has it’s tongue firmly stuffed in cheek.

The boys signed up with Earache Records in 2017 and soon after announced their forthcoming album. Challenger is very different from what we have heard from Matt and Tom before, they still have that rocky edge with a little more of a DIY punk sound. Artists should be free to express themselves in as many genres and mediums as they feel comfortable, these guys have done just that.

Whether or not this is your cup of tea, you can’t argue with the musicianship and dynamism on show in this album in respect of leaving one band behind and entering into a new chapter of creativity, it shows the energy they have writing and performing together.

Challenger is a challenge against the familiar in a distinctly refreshing way.

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