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Guardians Of The Galaxy | Film Review

Take a look at what we thought of Marvel’s latest superhero instalment, Guardians Of The Galaxy

Source: Guardians Of The Galaxy

The one thing that almost every Marvel fan will be aware of is that, after countless sure-fire attempts to impress their demographic with their signature, tried and tested system of releasing straight-forward, but impressive superhero films, to introduce that same audience to something entirely new, something that until now most people hadn’t even heard of and expect them to instantly accept them into an already established ecosystem of characters is a risk. However as producer and president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige says “it only becomes a risk, if it fails.

Guardians Of The Galaxy drops its viewers into the deep end when introducing a young and upset Peter Quill by the bedside of his dying mother, before shortly and swiftly transitioning into his abduction and although it’s not the most in-depth of introductions, it’s enough to give context as to who this protagonist is and what makes him tick. From there the film quite literally expands Marvel’s reach across the galaxy, giving them a truly impressive arsenal of new species, planets and factions to allow its followers to associate with. However instead of force feeding viewers with endless amounts of unrecognisable information, the film is collected in itself and its features, as if this was not a new franchise at all.

Each character in the Guardians universe holds rich and likely qualities. Whether it’s any one of the main characters of the story, or simply a faction member, the film gives generously in back stories, personal details or unearthed emotions. Each one compliments another in some way and it’s this that helps the viewer accept these new faces.

It’s been said that Marvel always intend their films to be a combination of two genres – for example, the upcoming Ant-Man has been confirmed as being a superhero/heist film – and it’s hard to deny that Guardians Of The Galaxy would be a superhero/comedy film. The amount of laughable moments in this film are countless, as almost all of its lovable characters argue, misunderstand each other and simply amuse viewers with their charm. Amongst intense, action filled scenes and dramatic hardship, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and remembers the effect of making its audience laugh. This being said, while comedy is absolutely a major factor in pulling the audience in, it certainly doesn’t discard any of its more serious moments for the sake of comedy.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is the perfect combination of epicness, comedy, suspense, and truly heart warming moments that leave its viewers both in strong emotions and wanting more. A risk it may have been, however the success of this film and the endless possibilities that will stem from its inclusion in the Marvel universe are examples of how risks can pay off. With a sequel already confirmed, Marvel’s confidence in Guardians is clearly evident and with a recently revealed release of July 28, 2017, the only question now is whether fans can wait that long to reunite with the unlikely heroes.

Guardians Of The Galaxy is directed by James Gunn and stars Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Batista, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel as the lovable tree-man, Groot.

If you’ve yet to see the trailer, you can watch it right here before heading straight to your nearest cinema and watching the film for yourself.

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