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The Ghost Inside – Talking Heads, Southampton – 21/05/14 | Live Review

We went to the Talking Heads, Southampton to watch The Ghost Inside perform. Here is what we thought.

Credit: Facebook

At half past 7 and just as the first act – Caliban – were about to hit the stage, a huge audience of spectators crowded into the hot venue ready for a night of pure heavy music. Due to the maximum 260 capacity, The Talking Heads was the perfect venue for this event- it was going to be an extremely intense and intimate gig showcasing the talent of four of the best bands from across the world.

Caliban – a seriously metal quintet from Essen, Germany – kick-started the night’s events. Among the tracks which pumped the crowd for later music were Caliban’s – ‘Chaos- Creation’ and ‘yOUR Song’. Intense and filled with repetitively heavy riffs, every song performed by the band increased the morale of the spectators; the band undoubtedly gained a selection of new fans. Not forgetting the amount of people who were chanting the lyrics back to the German band, showing that they have indeed achieved global recognition.

Next up were I Killed The Prom Queen. The Australian metalcore band, who are largely recognised by member Jona Weinhofen (ex-BMTH member), stole the stage.

One of the band’s most famous songs ‘Sharks In Your Mouth’ launched the set. Gaining a huge crowd reaction, lead scream vocalist Jamie Hope encouraged the crowd to create a huge circle pit; the audience not only did this but also launched themselves at one another through the heavier parts of the tracks. Filled with intense riffs and deathly screams, the live performance didn’t disappoint.

Other tracks that caught our attention for the right reasons included: ‘Thirty One & Sevens’ and ‘Say Goodbye’. Both evoked a huge reaction, as a crowd full of pulsating and excited fans witness one of their favourite foreign bands perform.

The Devil Wears Prada took to the stage next. Long haired clean vocalist Jeremy DePoyster (who also plays guitar) perfectly complimented Mike Hranica’s deathly scream vocals throughout the set. By the time the band sing of “every ounce of sorrow” it is apparent that the majority of the audience have recognised the track as ‘Escape’. Closely followed by ‘Assistant To The Regional Manager’ and ‘War’, the band had blatantly comprised a set of their best and most challenging tracks into one fantastic, musically experimentally and heavy set. Other songs performed in this ridiculously hot and packed venue included: ‘Born To Lose’ and one of the final songs ‘Danger’.

Finally, the moment the audience had been waiting for. Whether they came to watch the supports or the headline act – The Ghost Inside – the audience were all blatantly excited about the headlining performance. LA based The Ghost Inside launch into their set with ‘Engine 45’, a huge crowd pleaser. Shortly after, Vigil bursts into scream vocals when singing ‘Chrono’– this song takes the listener on a journey. As the backing track increases into happy moments, which juxtapose the screams leaving the vocalist’s mouth, it also dips into heavier riffs throughout.

Next was ‘The Great Unknown’, introduced by Vigil’s persistence for the crowd to “open this place up”. Dedicating many songs to their close friends who are in bands throughout the set list, The Ghost Inside specifically dedicated an emotional set of lyrics and song to Your Demise‘This Is What I Know About Sacrifice’.

Three songs that stand out in our memory are ‘Provoke’, ‘Thirty Three’ and ‘Faith Or Forgiveness’. With seamless instrumentation, a light/gritty scream vocal and an atmosphere to take the roof off of the building, the band concluded an all around heavy night perfectly.

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