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Ghold – Of Ruin | Album Review

Duo Ghold are set to release their second full-length Of Ruin album later this month. Find out what we thought here!

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Artwork

The feeling of biting into a microwave burger; its soggy, tasteless and even lacks the fake melted cheese you expected in your 0-60 bun of disappointment. Duo Ghold are one such meal that show ingredients of all the music goods you’d want, but when served up provide a devastating taste in the mouth. Their second full-length offering Of Ruin whilst shows a 10/10 effort, gives a somewhat reversed result.

On an initial look, you’ll be surprised that the LP is a mere six tracks in length. Further inspection reveals that the album boasts songs of an unanticipated long length. A bad thing you might say? Not at all. Bands such as Metallica made this their craft in albums such as Ride The Lightning. That being said, if you haven’t got the tracks to boot, then what’s the point? Opener ‘Saw The Falling’ proceeds in a crescendo of doom sludge bass intertwined with deafening cymbals that sound as if it were recorded with kitchen-style pots and pans.

The most frustrating element of the album is its inability to take its potential and run to the hills with it. Imagine being taped up with duct tape and being powerless to talk. Yes. That. Hidden away in ‘Hid The Gleam’ are frenzied guitar tones that have the potential to be addictively volatile. In reality, its volatile for all the wrong reasons.

Overall, whilst its admirable to be bold enough to bust out 11 minute masterpieces of crafted heavy melancholy, its not enough to keep your ears hooked till the end. The feeling of relief when an album’s over is not one you want to feel.

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