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Gangs – Back To School|EP Review

Source: PR

Gangs are not in fact a new supergroup made up of LA’s notorious Crips and Bloods. No,  this gang are in fact a quartet hailing from Dublin (although singer Jordan Curtis’ vocals sound anything but Irish). Their style very much in the Mod camp and for a band who only came together in 2012, they certainly sound polished.

Their debut four track EP Back To School ( produced by The Blades Brian Foley) has the feel passion and enthusiasm for vintage rock n roll that the Irish are renowned for.  Although their sound is rather reminiscent of the Mersey Beat than the Liffey.

Back To School isn’t exactly the kind of EP that will change anyone’s life.  No water was spat out in shock whilst listening to this record, but what the they lack in innovation they make up for in spirit. They certainly don’t sound like they have only been around a couple of years. This is the sort of relaxed, buoyant record that bands like The Jam spent years trying to write.

The current single ‘Daisy‘ with a very LA’s vibe, is really the weakest of the four songs on offer. The title track and ‘Young Employment‘ , offer a greater deal of punch, with their working class philosophy and will surely be live favourites.

Gangs are indeed a band to look out for in the future. As Back To School is one of the best impressive debut EPs you will hear this year.

For more information about the band click here. The EP is out October 6th on Reekus Records.

Listen to Gangs’ Back To School EP below:

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