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From Indian Lakes – Absent Sounds | Album Review

From Indian Lakes release their new album Absent Sounds, read here to check out what we thought.

Credit: Album Cover

From Indian Lakes have their brand new album Absent Sounds ready for fans to hear. Released via Triple Crown Records, Californian indie rockers have self-produced their third album, after working extremely hard for their fan-base through the past year. From Indian Lakes have participated in Riot Fest, alongside touring relentlessly and continuing to tour in October/November with Reliant K and Blondfire.

Firstly their intro track ‘Come In This Light‘ sets a melodic tone of trance and questioning, warning listeners that Absent Sounds is a contemplation album mixed with an chilled out tone. Whereas ‘Am I Alive?‘ uses sweet and lilting melodies to lift the mood. Soft vocals and delicate strings contrastingly tackles an intense situation.

Surely covering the running theme throughout the album, as From Indian Lakes explore what it means to be alive throughout the record. In this case questioning can we be alive, and if certain persons can take the value away from us.

Similarly, the latest single, ‘Ghost‘, follows on well from the same idea, being left a shell of the person you once were. In contrast, ‘Sleeping Limbs’ – released earlier this year – is an echoing and ethereal song tackles the universal feeling of being lost. The tone delves into a slight more rockier feel, to support the angst and is most certainly the real standout track of the album.

Search For More‘ in the same respect as feeling lost, this tracks proposes we don’t let ourselves fade, supported by some wonderful chords struck throughout. Rounding off the album is ‘Awful Things‘, it still follows a similar haunting themes of losing someone.

From Indian Lakes have chosen to fill Absent Sounds with the literal sounds and thoughts that are left when someone leaves our lives or more importantly, what we feel is left of us. This follows a journey of heartache and loss, but an album that hopes to find more than this. What a better place to find more, and to enrich our lives than music.

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