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From Ashes To New – Downfall | EP Review

Stateside rock and rap five-piece From Ashes To New are set to release their debut EP Downfall next month. Find out what we thought here!

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Cover

Standing tall at only two years old, From Ashes To New are the greatest band you haven’t heard of yet. Hailing from the other side of the pond in Pennsylvania, their rock manifesto is to fuse a nu metal vibe with glorious melodies and riffs galore.

Downfall is their little starter of what is to be a big arse meal of rap, metal and monstrosity to come in their debut album. Don’t assume this EP is lacking though – be prepared for a five-piece that has the potential to knock the big guns off their pedestals.

The short and sweet affair kicks off with title track ‘Downfall’ – it plunges through binary riffs before Linkin Park remnants smash through it. At its core its aggressive and bold, but still embodies a party attitude that’s addictive and compelling.

As the EP progressives, you see genre bending on steroids. From electronica to postmodern rock, ‘Lost and Alone’ is an anthemic god that concludes with the sickest outro breakdown. But its ‘Land of Make Believe’ that truly picks up the heavy pace. The track sometime achieves being barbaric yet positive all in one – a genius and groovy combo to say the least.

For a band still at such an early stage in their career, its exciting to see what they could become. The rock community has been waiting for a new rock n’ rap masterpiece to make their way in for a long time, and here they are.

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