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Four Year Strong And Co. Bring A Healthy Dose Of Pop Punk To London – Electric Ballroom – 26/3/15 | Live Review

Check out here what we thought of the Pure Noise Tour last week, featuring Four Year Strong and more!

Four Year Strong

Source: Promo Image/ Facebook

Pure Noise Records is famed for having brought the likes of The Story So FarState Champs and Seaway to the public’s attention, so fans were no doubt going to be in for a treat when the label’s tour made its way across the UK. Offering up Four Year StrongHit The LightsForever Came Calling and Light You Up, the tour took to the stage at London’s legendary Electric Ballroom, right in the heart of Camden Town.

First on the bill were Light You Up, one of Pure Noise’s British pickings. The Birmingham quintet may be considered to be at a disadvantage without the American twang that seems to make up for a lot of the reasons of why pop punk is the way it is, but they definitely didn’t let it show as they mesmerised the crowd before them. The six tracks they brought to the table definitely packed a punch, with most coming from their debut album All We’ve Ever Known. First on naturally isn’t the optimum position to be drawing large crowds, but the band worked with what they had and put on a spectacular performance while doing so, that surely gained them a few more fans in the process.

Forever Came Calling are known for having been a part of No Room For Rockstars, a documentary released in 2012 about the Vans Warped Tour. In it, the quartet follow the tour around America in a van, giving CDs out to everyone and anyone who will give them the time of day. It’s clear to see that the band have soared since then, with the impressive number of audience members who were able to singalong to their lyrics with ease. Vocalist Joe Candelaria has one hell of a range, and delivered each and every song to its full potential. With what the past three years has done for the California outfit, there’s no knowing where they’ll in the next three years time – except for that it’ll definitely be bigger, better and well-deserved.

Having just released their fourth full-length, Summer Bones, it should come as no surprise that the whole room was buzzing as Hit The Lights took to the stage. Their energy should be the envy of all other bands, and the fact that they tried to bring a little bit of something for everyone by taking songs from older albums, such as their debut This Is A Stick Up… Don’t Make It A Murder, as well as selections from their latest record that seemed to go down a treat in their UK debut. Hit The Lights received a lot of attention in earlier days, with hits like ‘Body Bag‘ that managed to be an anthem in 2006. For their set here in 2015, it’s been played last – and rightly so, as it was incredibly effective with causing chaos in the crowd; adoring fans going for it in every sense of the word. Kudos to the quintet, who despite being from Lima, Ohio, home of musical TV series Glee, have managed to shed the stigma of wholesomeness and instead bring a whole load of kickass to the table!

Four Year Strong were the real heroes of the evening. The MVPs, if you will – and with four albums now, packed to the brim with an insanely talented strain of pop punk, quite rightly so. Most of the material for their set that evening came from their third release, Enemy Of The World, which brought great tracks like ‘It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now‘ and ‘Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday)‘ in to the world and therefore to the pop punk fans of London for the tour. The quartet have been to the UK many a time over the years, bringing with them bands like The Wonder Years and Fireworks which, as you can probably tell, worked out quite well in their favour, but Four Year Strong have always remained a humble and hardworking band – something that most definitely came across as they performed on the Electric Ballroom’s stage. They might not be the most glamourous or ‘all frills’ of outfits, but their sheer talent was enough to keep them going, and in return kept the crowd going while they soared through the likes of ‘Go Down In History‘ from their recent EP of the same name, and ‘Bada Bing! Wit’ A Pipe!‘, and older but well-loved offering that was played as part of their encore.

With a set consisting only of 15 songs, it was kind of disappointing to see the band leave the stage after they flew through their two-track encore, but it was to be expected from the nature of the show and the fact that it was four talented artists packed in to one evening. While Four Year Strong’s set felt a little short of something, it was clear that everyone in attendance got their money’s worth as they filed out of the venue, chattering about what they had just seen. Sure, pop punk won’t make it on to the Top 40 charts, but there’s no doubt that it’s a genre that’s rising in popularity to the point where you can’t walk through Camden Market without spotting a check shirt, tie-dye t-shirt or back to front snapback… but it works, as it means that phenomenal bands like Four Year Strong and co. are able to come and share their music with the masses, and be touched by the level of dedication to the cause.

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