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Five Finger Death Punch – Got Your Six | Album Review

As the biggest Vegas metal quintet return for another round with ‘Got Your Six’ we got under its skin to see if it matches up to their previously acclaimed releases.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

One of the most controversial bands in metal return with their sixth album and are keeping it fast and furious on Got Your Six which was immediately guaranteed to further polarize opinions on the band.

‘Got Your Six’ gives a false sense of security with some clean noodling on the six-string before Jeremy Spencer’s punishing beats kick in to say, “we’re back”, accompanied by Ivan Moody’s visceral vocals showing he’s as pissed off at the world as ever. Jekyll And Hyde’ sees poor Moody fight his “demon inside” while he tries to live his “motherfu*king life”. Come on mate, it can’t be all that bad…can it? ‘Wash It All Away’ goes to a more emotional place as Moody swings from his classic ferocious vocals to his cleaner, more melodic style and the lyrical theme, structure and style continue into ‘My Nemesis’, potentially becoming ‘Wash It All Away Pt. 2’.

Unfortunately the only part of ‘No Sudden Movement’ worth mentioning is the Dimebag-style guitar solo but the album’s longest track at five minutes and five seconds, ‘Question Everything’, redeems the album slightly with its thundering double-bass, anthemic chorus and a quaint Latin-style acoustic solo which is a welcome departure from the impressive-but-repetitive shredding. The 14-track opus eventually slows down with their metal ballad (or closest thing to it) ‘Diggin’ My Own Grave’ which keeps your head gently bobbing while Moody’s unimaginative lyrics resemble a disturbed child’s rhyming book, e.g. “I’m like a monster in a cage, trapped inside a maze”.

‘Meet My Maker’ will have fans smiling as FFDP return to their fast-paced, anger-fuelled and bone-crushingly heavy riffs with Moody’s lyrics representing his middle finger to the world. ‘Boots And Blood’ is little more than a test to see how many F-words can fit into 2 minutes 46, similar to Limp Bizkit’s ‘Hot Dog’, but ‘You’re Not My Kind’ hosts a hook-filled chorus and Moody spitting lyrics at a speed comparable to Fred Durst himself. ‘This Is My War’ will have you windmilling your hair with your fist in the air as you scream, “this isn’t my fight, this is my war!” before their more country-style closer ‘I Apologise’, their most introspective song to date.

Compared to their back catalogue they’ve missed their high standards so hopefully the next one will have them back on form with Moody writing more of the insightful lyrics he’s more than capable of.

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