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Fenrir – The Rise | Track By Track EP Review

Ipswich five-piece, Fenrir, have a brand new EP, The Rise and we take you through all 6 tracks on it. Find out what we thought of it here.

Source: EP Artwork

Source: EP Artwork

Ipswich five-piece, Fenrir, have a brand new EP, The Rise, and according to guitarist Mike Cockayne, it shows a progression in their career, being more refined than their last release. And it does have a mature alternative rock feel to it. It’s clear these guys know what they are doing in the studio.

The opening track kicks things off with a very bass heavy tone, which gives the song a dark feel. This makes the title of ‘Tell My Wife I Said “Hello”‘  feel somewhat ominous, despite the hopeful title lyric of “Tonight we fall but tomorrow we shall rise“.

Things lighten up all round for the second track, ‘Bones‘, where things become very focussed on melodic guitars. The bass falls into the back ground making way for two great guitar lines, both from rhythm and lead. Again, these seems to contrast the lyrics, which feel darker than those of the previous track. “My bones are home to sins and things you’ll never know.

The more melodic tones, however, lead into the third track. ‘Hurt Hands‘ opens with a fun guitar riff which gives way to the bass becoming prominent again in the verses, being the primary instrument behind vocalists voice. We even get a bass solo, something rare in alternative rock. While its great to hear bass guitar getting its moment in the spotlight, it comes as the beginning of a very repetitive bridge that does nothing but crescendo slowly for about 50 seconds.

Changing the tone dramatically, the fourth track, ‘Einn‘, is 1 minute 18 seconds of beautiful acoustic music. It’s the audio embodiment of a fairy tale, easily sweeping you off into a world of day dreams and enchanted forests. There are no vocals here either letting you truly set the scene with your own imagination.

Smoke Signals‘ is the ‘middle ground’ song on the album, drawing from both the dark bass elements and the more upbeat melodic moments. This track also hits with a moment of screamed vocals, before the guitars abruptly stop, signalling the end of the song.

The final track returns to the ethereal acoustic tones of ‘Einn’, with a gentle introduction and verse, before the full band joins and builds to the chorus. It’s a great start, involving different tones taken from the songs that have gone before it, but there isn’t as much change within the song it seems like there should be. After 5 songs with different and unique twists, this final 5 minutes of the EP would have been a great time to round everything up.

It’s an EP of contrast; full of ups and downs and exploring both dark and light in music. Technically its very well done, and ordered brilliantly, constantly changing the mood from one song to the next. There are, however, when individual tracks get a little repetitive. Overall though, it’s a well written and executed EP, and worth a listen for any alternative fan.

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