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Feed the Rhino Divide The Crowd In Camden… Literally! | Live Review

Feed the Rhino were set the task of warming up the crowd for Enter Shikari in Camden this week. Did they do the job? Find out here!

Feed The Rhino

Source: Rhian Westbury

Having already hung around through two support acts, Enter Shikari fans are starting to get twitchy waiting for the main band to hit the stage; their feet are starting to ache, the battery is dying on their phones and they’ve already spent most of their money at the bar. This Camden crowd is a tough one to win over by this point… Welcome to the stage, Feed the Rhino.

Their high energy engages everyone right away, as the band tear around the stage from the start to finish. It’s a surprise the stage is still intact by the time they’re done with it – the volume almost bursts the speakers, the growling vocals and heavy riffs practically shakes the walls and the band storm the stage until it’s a wonder that it’s still in one piece.

Feed The Rhino

Source: Rhian Westbury

Anyone who has seen this band before will know that they don’t take their time on stage lightly. Every second in front of a crowd is a chance for frontman Lee Tobin to explode; in others words, if you want to walk out of London’s Roundhouse without a scratch tonight, stand well back. He leaps into the crowd, singing away and encouraging those around him to join in, before lying on his back and crowd-surfing towards the stage. He kicks and jumps his way through the set, which just inspires those watching to do the same and sees the crowd finally moving for the first time tonight. Once the band split the crowd in half all the way from the barriers to the sound desk, there is no turning back from the craziness that ensues.

Feed the Rhino’s hardcore sound might be a little too heavy for some, and looking around the room they don’t quite win everyone over – but they manage to well and truly warm up the room, as well as setting the bar for energy and chaos pretty high tonight.

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