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Fall Out Boy – American Beauty / American Psycho | Album Review

Check out what we thought of the latest Fall Out Boy offering here!

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After the heavier, punk sound breakaway of Pax Am Days, Fall Out Boy‘s new record is a return to the caustic lyrics and addictive pop hooks of their 2013 release, Save Rock And Roll. There’s the usual sing-a-long choruses; ‘Irresistiblewith it’s ‘woahs’ andCenturies’, sounding like a lengthier version of ‘My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark’ are the instant stand out tracks. Lyrically, the record is littered with the pop-culture references that have become the trademark of the Illinois quartet, from cult-horror novel American Psycho to ‘Uma Thurman’, a nod to the actresses’ iconic performance in Pulp Fiction.

In American Beauty / American Psycho, the band seem to have perfected the art of the danceable pop-rock tune. Each track is filled with energy and an ear-worming hook. If there’s a criticism to be made though, it’s that there’s very little to differentiate it from the group’s past releases. A little electro beat here, a few trumpets there does not mask the sense that the tracks on this record could easily have fitted into their last. With the band trying such a drastically different sound on Pax Am Days, and their much matured songwriting on their last full-length, it’s a shame not to see more progression here.
Whilst a strong record, with many stand out tracks, Fall Out Boy have done little to deviate from their well-crafted formula. The release should satisfy any existing fans, but fails to bring the same impact as their previous LP.

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