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F.O.E.S – Antecedence | EP Review

Liverpool based four-piece F.O.E.S are set to release their second EP Antecedence next month. Find out what we thought here!

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Artwork

Sometimes, something extraordinary goes under the radar. Society is caught like rabbits in headlights, whilst a music sensation are stuck behind the glare. Almost a year ago, Liverpudlian quartet F.O.E.S found themselves in this scenario. Their debut EP Ophir was a glamorous and ferocious delight that left them underneath a bed full of rock bands getting noticed. This time, its their turn for the spotlight. Antecedence is a confident and defiant podium – and you’re going to want to get in on it.

The EP opens with a dramatic benchmark in the form of ‘Rival Thrones’. It boasts tried and tested alternative guitar distortion followed by the kick and punch of ravenous riffs. With the odd time change thrown in for good measure, there’s an upscale in production here compared to their last offering. Its sensationally climatic, as gutsy vocals carry it through to its buoyant end.

What this band do so perfectly though, is their ability to flip between the gigantic theatre of intense riffs, and the softer drama that bands like Deftones achieve with ease. ‘No Sleepers Verse’ is a stunning example. The vocals here are blistering gorgeous – tie that into a crescendo of guitars and piano, and you’ve got yourself a track worthy of stadiums.

Hold on though, the awe-inspiring tracks don’t stop there. F.O.E.S proudly infuse punk elements all the way through their work, and Antecedence is no exception. ‘This Is Kingdom Come’ seductively weaves between progressive guitars and breakdowns heavy enough to move tectonic plates. Its stripped down, no-nonsense vibe allows edgy melodies to burst through like a slap in the face.

Antecedence is a unique piece of ingenuity. This four-piece carry a level of genius that is hugely exciting. Layers of technique and skill have been brought together to produce a cinematic masterpiece. Its a glorious feast for the ears that’ll spellbind you and eat you up till you physically can’t put these tracks on repeat any more.

Sensational. Hair-raising. Wow.

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