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Everybody Looks Famous – Earth | Album Review

We checked out the latest release from Everybody Looks Famous release, four-track EP Earth. See what we thought of it here!

ELF EP Cover Art

Source: Cover Art

British pop-rock band Everybody Looks Famous have followed up their 2013 debut album Fuel to Fire with brand new EP, Earth. With bouncy vocals, rock beats and cute, pop melodies, Earth sums up the sound of Everybody Looks Famous in one neat, four-track package.

As the opening track ‘Echo‘ begins, the hints of synth-pop draw the listener into the EP. As the track progresses, the introduction of strong rock drums beats make for a edgier sound that fans of Everybody Looks Famous’ previous releases will be more familiar with. The female vocals are youthful, almost innocent, and might remind people of We Are The In Crowd’s Tay Jardine, which all of the lead vocals throughout Earth could easily be likened to.

The EP continues onto ‘The Wanderer‘, another fun pop-rock track that balances itself neatly between being gutsy but remaining light-hearted without straying too far either side of the fence. The tempo keeps up with third track ‘Hiding Places‘, which has an undeniably upbeat sound with steady streams of rock riffs and playful pop, perfect for dancing around the bedroom when no-one is looking. Earth is completed by final track ‘These Days‘, which is a gentler, slower track that provides nice, smooth finish to the record.

There are no actual faults in Earth- but that’s part of the problem. The EP is perfectly fine, but that’s all it really is. There is nothing special about Earth that makes it stand out from other female-fronted pop-rock bands such as We Are The In Crowd, Paramore, Tonight Alive and Darling Parade, to name just a few.

The EP provides four good-quality pop-rock tracks… But with these other bands already having taken their place firmly within the music industry, more run-of-the-mill pop-rock might not be enough to take Everybody Looks Famous all the way.

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