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Eluusif – Aliens Do It Better | EP Review

HTF get to listen to the latest EP, ‘Aliens Do It Better’ from 4008 year old Eluusif

Aliens Do It Better
Credit- Eluusif Soundcloud.

“Eluusif, 4008 year old producer originally from Eluusia in the Feral Youth Star System, is currently a legal alien on Planet Earth due to malfunctioning spacecraft. Eluusif is President Obama’s favourite alien producer and the President has kindly offered Area 51 as a place to stay.”

This info is taken from Eluusif‘s own website. However, we happen to know Eluusif is at the moment making Dubstep in London, England. Though not staying just with dub step, this alien producer’s latest EP ‘Aliens Do It Better’ pulls inspiration from all types parts of the EDM spectrum.

‘Hair Like Skrillex’ kicks us off with a fairly middle eastern vibe. (Think Chase and Status- Eastern Jam). The track works well with chilled vocals that sound great with the, just heavy enough, dubstep ‘womp’.

Right from the off, ‘You Should Be Mine’ has a much more chart feel to it. The vocals would be at home on any house track of the moment. The whole production of this track is a lot lighter than the rest of the EP, almost making it feel slightly out of place. Although, still a great track that could easily be a club playlist regular. The remix of this track, by Craniel Daig, plays on that club feel and really brings it out giving it a bigger dance feel.

‘I Need An Alien Tonight’ can only have been inspired by Knife Party it seems, which is in no way is a bad thing. With the heavy beat and the robotic vocals it is very similar to Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’ so this track is on to a winner. Carrying on with the same vibe we have ‘ No, I Don’t Want To Be Your Facebook Friend’. This is a heavy two fingers up to social media.

‘Justin Bieber Is An Android’ is a good all rounded EDM track and as we are writing and listening to it on a super sunny day , it seems to suit the weather. With a slightly slower pace, with a little more focus on the melody from the synths, it’s another track that shows Eluusis’s versatility within EDM music.

What is great about this EP is the variation that is demonstrated from track to track. From heavy/teeth itching dub lines to light melodic vocals, they all fit well, with maybe ‘You Should Be Mine ‘ as an exception due to the more chart feel. It is an exciting look into what Eluusif will bringing to the table in the future, which is going to be damn good. So keep your eyes on the stars for an alien that is going to rock our world!

Check out and download the EP on his soundcloud. Also check out Elussif on Facebook and Twitter

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