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Review: Don Broco – Newton Abbot Forde Hall – 22/07/10

Check out what HTF thought of the recent Don Broco show and also check out their new video for Dreamboy

Band: Don Broco

Venue: Forde Hall, Newton Abbot
Date: 22nd July 2010

So first off you might think this review is a bit biast seeing I am a HUGE Don Broco fan. But if you go to see them for yourself you will instantly find out that I fully speak the truth. The first time I saw these guys was last year in Rude Bar in Torquay when they supported another favourite band of mine, Fei Comodo. They were amazing then, so when I found out they were headlining the ‘Long Drop Session’ in Newton Abbot’s small little venue Forde Hall I knew this was going to an unmissable show.

Must admit I did feel my age a little bit as it seemed that me and my friend were the only two people in there over the legal drinking age, apart from the support acts parents! Never the less I still planned to have a cracking time.

After the support bands had finished it was time for the Broco Boys to take the stage. The last time I saw them Rob was sporting a aluminous yellow wife beater, clearly to show of his pecks! Looks like we were all in for a treat again as he jumped on stage in the same top! If you’ve got it flaunt it! Ha ha!

They opened with a classic track of theirs ‘Thug Workout’. You knew Don Broco were in the building as the crowd went completely mental as it began. I was hurled backwards to then spill my full pint of Cider all over the floor! Mid way through the song they do what I think is their trade mark move.. ‘The Wall OF Death’. A lot of bands are known to do this at shows but every single Don Broco gig I have attended I have landed in one! They planned to make no exceptions tonight as the abundance of 14 year olds chucked their arms around and projected their bodies towards each other going crazy! What an experience..!

The band have a distinctive sound as every track is so catchy and has you singing along within seconds. I was disappointed not to hear a favourite track of mine ‘Chemistry’ but still felt completely satisfied after destroying my shoes in the wall of death during Thug Workout.

They played all the great Don Broco tracks we have grown to love and closed with their newbie song ‘Dreamboy’. A catchy little number with an, as expected, comical genius of a video to go with it.

An awesome performance from the four piece as expected. I was pleasantly surprised how well they sounded in such a confided small venue. Its nice to know talented musicians as themselves are willing to travel so far down country to a lets be honest, a crappy little venue in a town the size of Elton John’s garden!

If you haven’t already go check out the lads new video ‘Dream Boy’ below. They also have a free download of their song ‘Chemistry’ via their myspace page so you can judge their skills out for yourselves.


Reviewer : Steph Knight

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