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Django Django – Born Under Saturn | Album Review

Django Django’s new album exceeds their debut with alarming, steel-pan infused electro-indie.

Django Django first hit our radios with single ‘Default’ in 2012, and have since paved a way for themselves among Hot Chip’s and Metronomy’s of the music world, while inspiring the Jagwar Mas’.

Born Under Saturn, the band’s second album, is the musical equivalent of a well-deserved job promotion – a sophisticated, progression of the quartet’s debut, showing a development of creativity and skill. ‘Pause Repeat’ startles with its offbeat, syncopated rhythm and key changes as David Maclean sings: “The start of the end is upon us and now it’s beginning again” – a delightful metaphor that this band is by no means past its sell-by date.

Steel pan drums and chiming hi-hats ripple their way through ‘Vibrations’ and ‘Break the Glass’, while psychedelia rips its way through Supergrass-inspired ‘Shake and Tremble’. Single ‘First Light’ is a moment of perfection – a deliciously remixable electro-indie track ideally suited for 2015, bettering everything the band has done, including their defining ‘Default’. Django Django’s charm comes from their obscurity – their African-inspired rhythms, combined with heavy synthesisers and ambiguous lyrics should, in theory, be ill-fitting and clunky, but this album just works.

Born Under Saturn is an alien, terrific showcase of electro-indie at its most interesting and least predictable.

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