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DIVIDES – Anywhere & Nowhere | EP Review

Alternative Scottish rockers DIVIDES are set to release their debut EP Anywhere & Nowhere later this month. Find out what we thought here.

Source: Album Cover

Source: Album Artwork

The female-fronted rock band has been synonymously tight-cast to being Paramore wannabes. ‘No matter what you bring to the table, you’re obviously trying to be Hayley Williams blah blah blah,’ says the ignorant. Not anymore. Alternative Glasgow rockers DIVIDES fuse their accent proudly with seductive melodies and enough guitar tenacity to keep you addicted. Not only do they smash the stereotype, they punch its face into the nearest brick wall. Say hello to the EP that tears down all the norms; Anywhere & Nowhere.

Opening track ‘Anywhere & Nowhere’ instantly brings their Scottish roots to life. The accent of frontwoman Tasha Cowie being just one obvious stand out. Towards the latter, there’s a strong essence of Scottish heritage using a gorgeous undertone of guitar distortion and drum propulsion. Combine this with sultry echoes and vocal harmony that bombard into a graceful, yet powerful chorus, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Unfortunately though, it seems the middle chapters of the EP don’t live up to its introduction and conclusion. ‘Landslide’ and ‘Spiders’ are attention grabbers and addictive in their own right, sure. What’s missing is that extra punch of hot chilli that kicks you in the teeth. Nothing wrong with that we hear you say? There’s not, and that’s just the problem.

When put against the fierce competition of previously released ‘Falsehood’, you’ve set yourself up for some hard graft to top it. Its fast-pace, nimble nature partnered with ragged guitar riffs is a combination that is tried and tested perfection in this realm of rock. It boasts honest lyrical content that is one the EPs highlights.

Overall, after a listen of Anywhere & Nowhere, you’ll be glad that us English folk get to stick around with our Scottish brethren’s. If they keep producing rock bands like this, we’ll be needing to rethink our strategy.

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