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Deepshade – Everything Popular Is Wrong | Album Review

Deepshade bring a unique alternative grunge sound to the world of rock with their debut album Everything Is Popular. Find out how they achieve it here.

Source: Album Artwork

Source: Album Artwork

Deepshade are a trio from Wigan, who have already gained a following close to home. Their debut album, Everything Popular Is Wrong, is set to show everyone why. It combines the sounds of Nirvana, Foo Fighters and Stone Sour to create a modern alternative grunge tone not often heard in bands today.

It features the track ‘Tattoo‘ which the band released as a free single. This is one of the standout tracks on the album with short staccato beats, even the vocals have a sharp rhythm giving everything a cohesiveness. It also creates a blunt, solid ending to the song, making it stick in your mind even once its over.

The Mud The Blood And The Tears‘ is another great track that demonstrates the diversity the band can achieve. It is quite the opposite of ‘Tattoo’, instead flowing through longer notes, blending all sections together and gently ending with light guitar strumming.

Despite this contrast in some of the songs, the album fits together and flows brilliantly. Both the instruments and vocals are run through a filter giving it the dirty grunge edge establishing a constant mood dragged through the record. Guitar solos are prominent feature too, but always encapsulate something different. ‘Haven’t Said A Word‘ contains a dark, dirty feeling solo heavy on repetition and bass-y sounds, while ‘Chairman‘ hits some higher notes and does distortion in a very Muse way.

For a debut album Everything Popular Is Wrong has a very mature sound, taking influence from well known bands but making something new and interesting from it. With such a unique sound it’s sure to make Deepshade stand out in the ever rising tide of new alternative rock bands.

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