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Death Kindly Waits For Me – Wire/Iron/Bood | EP Review

Death Kindly Waits For Me have released their new EP Wire Iron Blood. Read here to check out what we thought.

Source: EP Cover

Source: EP Cover

Post-hardcore rock group Death Kindly Waits For Me have released their brand new EP Wire Iron Blood. If you like old school hardcore rockers, then you’re bound to love this band, and the EP. The sound is one filled with energy, but also nostalgia through their use of occasional pop and electric riffs.

The EP only consists of three tracks for the rising band, but each is not without merit. First off, ‘Cutting Room Floor’ manages to have a compilation of everything. With vocalist Adam Fitch maintaining that unique raw english tone, that many alternative rock and screamo bands had at their forefront, the release has  a similar sound to that of early Enter Shikari. However the band still originally manages to create a great first track to hook in the listeners. And most importantly, from the very first verse, sentimental lyrics are used. It is clearly set that this is an EP for the underdogs who are realizing the troubles real life begins to bring us as we grow up. Supported by Adam Cator’s screams, and a consistent drum beat to up the slight angst that goes in hand with the melodic melancholy.

Similarly ‘Best Friends’ follows the same sound, but ups the energy of playing. The chorus also carries a more catchy hooks that could even please pop-punk listeners. The skill of playing is highlighted in this track, the electric hooks are played throughout boosting the mood. Although it still contemplates a negative subject of losing friends, the lighter-hearted tune allows contemplation rather than aggression. Allowed further with the wonderful acoustic breakdown at the end of the song.

Which softly brings listeners into the closing track ‘Decade of War’. The track once more follows similar negative theme’s, when you feel down on your luck. Furthermore, the sound still works to include all dynamics of the band, smashing their sound out and stapling who they are.

Quite clearly this is an EP for those who want to find a band that relates to what it feels like to feel alone. Although short, for those who favour old alternative-hardcore rock it will be sweet. If you’re feeling like you need to release those suppressed emotions, Death Kindly Waits For Me are your guys.

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