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Danko Jones – Fire Music | Album Review

Canadian rockers Danko Jones explode back onto the scene with new album Fire Music. Check out our exclusive preview of the album here!

Source: Album Cover

Danko Jones explodes back onto the scene with new album Fire Music; an appropriate title, given the blazing nature of their music. The Canadian band hit us up with another bout of good old’ rock n’ roll, with metal and punk overtones that really help to hit a new high. In essence, the kind of music you want to dance, mosh, and get absolutely mental to.

‘Wild Woman’, the album opener, is as poignant as it is angst-fuelled. Lead singer Danko Jones‘ (no, this isn’t a typo, the band really is named after the lead singer) vocal range truly comes through in a tune that seemingly combines both power ballad and punk perfectly. The same can be said for song ‘Do You Wanna Rock’, where we see another side of Danko Jones’s style; tense, bitty, and filled with breakdowns in both Jones’ voice and the music.

Catchy riffs and guitar-led songs are yet another string in Danko Jones’ extensive bow, as the song ‘Gonna Be a Fight Tonight’ and ‘Live Forever’ show. One can see why the band is called ‘Danko Jones’, as whilst bassist John Calabrese and new drummer Rich Knox play a vital role in the band, Jones on guitar and vocals really steals the show. Lovers of the bass guitar will be swept away by Calabrese’s impressive skill, but devotees of the guitar are in for a treat with Jones’ flashy style.

The album is, in essence, an adrenaline-fuelled ride from start to finish. Danko Jones have been around since 1996, and certainly know the score when it comes to their music, and playing rock music. However, it’s not perfect; certain songs, such as ‘The Twisting Knife’, don’t quite live up to the standards set by the rest of the album. It’s rough round the edges. It forces passion down your throat. It’s angry. It’s beautiful. It’s, well, raw. And since when has rock n’ roll been anything except uncontrolled and bursting with emotions? Fire Music is a definite must-have album for anybody even remotely interested in rock music. One to look out for.

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