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Crossfaith – Xeno | Album Review

Well, electro rockers Crossfaith have returned with their fourth record, “Xeno’. Will you want a splice of this genre hopping pie? Find out here.

Source: Album artwork

Source: Album artwork

While their live shows explode with the force of the Prime Minister getting frisky with Miss Piggy, the same can’t be said for Crossfaith’s records, which fail to match the onstage hype. Can their fourth record, Xeno, be the difference?

Those expecting to get their glow stick and fluorescent face paint on, will feel rather silly as the title-track stomps in. A steel-enforced brolly would be more suited, to contend with the hefty riffs that rain down.

It doesn’t stop there either. You’d expect nothing less, when you ask Beartooth’s Caleb Shomo to drop by. Ferocious does not even come close to describing this snarly aural assault that will ensure the pits and the depths of hell open up.

Don’t be fooled by the meaty metal that has come to the fore, the synths still flicker into life from the shadows and offer a little more vibrancy. ‘Vanguard’ is a belter that combines the two effortlessly, while ‘Devil’s Party’ is a hellraiser that will have your bodies jerking wildly over to the bar for a jager.

However, there are still tracks that leave a lot to be desired and it is no coincidence it is those where the computerised elements come out to play. ‘Raise Your Voice’, may start out with good intentions, but by the end it turns out to be an over-the-top Clubland reject.

Elsewhere, the less said about the experimentation that is ‘Wildlife’ the better. One to avoid at all costs.

Xeno does not have the brains of Enter Shikari or the brawn of The Prodigy. What it has done is create a new path for them to walk down, and one, in the future, that could have them looked on as more than just five dudes that can bring the party.

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