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Complete Rundown Of Warped Tour, Nikon at Jones Beach – 09/07/16 | Live Review

We headed along to the New York date of Warped Tour this summer. Check out all the bands we saw on our sunshine soaked day.

we the kings

Source: Sara Feigin

We The Kings

Warped Tour always does a really good job on mixing up their line-up to fill it with new bands and the old bands that inspired the new bands. Kevin Lyman, Warped Tour creator, did an amazing job with that this summer. We The Kings are a music jumping off point for a lot of younger bands these days. They had radio fame, but still remained grounded in the pop-rock/Warped Tour music scene. They’re everything every Myspace kid turned aspiring rock star wants to be. The band have one of the first sets of the day, but die-hard Warped fans get to the venue early enough as to not miss long time favourites such as We The Kings. Front man Travis Clarke, still has it, and during their song ‘I Feel Alive’ when he asks the crowd to kneel on the ground so they can all jump up into the air together in unison, nobody bats an eye. They mainly play songs from yesteryear, which is nice for older fans, but they’ve been active since 2005 and have put out multiple albums, only hearing two newer songs is a weird choice. When the crowd disperses you can see the younger fans in the crowd aren’t as pleased with the set We The Kings just did as the older people in the crowd are. Sometimes, pleasing the veteran fans and playing an old song heavy set isn’t always the best choice. 6/10

tonight alive

Source: Sara Feigin

Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive hail from Sydney, Australia, and have been touring internationally since 2010. Even though the band takes the stage at 12:30 in the afternoon, the fourth time slot of the day, this isn’t deterring them from putting on the best set they possibly can. The crowd is huge and singer, Jenna McDougall, is loving what the crowd is giving to her. She feeds off their energy and excitement and uses it to her advantage. McDougall runs around the stage, throughout the set, barely standing still for anytime. Jenna has enough energy for the whole band, so the fact that the guys of Tonight Alive don’t seem to have the same amount of spunk on stage doesn’t take away from their performance at all. Bassist, Cam Adler, seems the most energetic out of the rest of the band members. The play a mixture of old and new favourites and the fans seem to be loving that choice, starting the set with a newer song, ‘To Be Free’, and ending the set with an old favourite, ‘The Edge’. 5/10

motionless in white

Source: Sara Feigin

Motionless in White

It’s an overcast day at Jones Beach, but that isn’t stopping the festivities of Warped Tour. A pretty substantial crowd has formed at the Monster Energy stage for Motionless In White. Frontman Chris “Motionless” Cerulli takes the stage, waving a huge Motionless In White flag over his head.

Wearing their all black uniform, the lack of sun at today’s Warped stop must be a welcome change for the band. Motionless In White have a very particular style, and the band embodies that in their looks as well as their music. Cerulli is wearing leather pants and platform shoes, while bassist, Devin “Ghost” Sola, is dressed like a nun possessed by a demon spirit.

They only have 30 minutes to play, which means a set of only seven songs. But with those seven songs, they blow everybody away. The best part of the set comes half-way through, when they play Break The Cycle’, a single from 2014. The crowd absolutely lose it when the band start the song, and the band’s energy is electric. Their set is one of the best of the day, with Cerulli constantly interacting with the other band members as well as with the crowd. Motionless In White are on the rest of Warped Tour and if you are going, it is crucial that you check out their set. 8/10


Source: Sara Feigin


Kentucky based post-hardcore bad, Emarosa, may be playing one of the smaller stages at Warped Tour, but that isn’t stopping a huge crowd from forming at the Poseidon Stage. Frontman, Bradley Walden, doesn’t waste anytime once he gets on stage, and the first thing he does is jump onto the barricade to get up-close and personal with the crowd.

Walden’s energy is electric and while he’s rocking it out with the fans, and he even goes out into the crowd to mosh with them. The rest of the band is onstage giving off as much, if not more, energy than Walden is. Lead guitarist, ER White, is so into their music, and he’s such a pleasure to watch play. When they play ‘A Hundred Crowns’ Walden jumps into the crowd and White hops onto his shoulders. Walden then proceeds to walk the length of the stage through the crowd with White on his shoulders, while both continue to perform the song. Their showmanship is definitely some of the best we have ever seen. 7.5/10

knuckle puck

Source: Sara Feigin

Knuckle Puck

Knuckle Puck are part of the pop-punk resurgence, which began in 2010. If you haven’t heard of Knuckle Puck, think of bands like The Starting Line or The Early November, and you’ll know almost exactly what they sound like. While their sound may not be 100% original, it’s 2016; not all the much is original anymore, they hold their own in the world of pop-punk. Singer, Joe Taylor, takes the stage in bright pink shorts, a MTV t-shirt and Nike trainers. He doesn’t look like your average band front-man, but the second the music starts, your mind will be changed. His on-stage charisma as well as how well his vocals translate from recording to real life are astounding. They play a song titled ‘But Why Would You Care?’ and the band as well as the crowd find themselves lost in the song. The energy coming off the band is given straight back to them by the crowd. The best part of the set is that while the crowd is energetic and enjoying the music, they aren’t as excited to be there as the band is. Seeing a band that is as excited to be performing in front of an audience, especially at Warped Tour, as Knuckle Puck are can really change the way one views live music for the better. 7/10

new found glory

Source: Sara Feigin

New Found Glory

New Found Glory has been playing Warped Tour before it was a staple in the lives of alternative music-loving teens. Having throwback bands on Warped Tour was definitely a genius idea, and having them play sets filled with old songs was an even better idea. 2016 is the year of nostalgia it seems and everybody is banking in on it. Playing old classics like ‘All Downhill From Here’ and ‘Failure’s Not Flattering’ got the crowd so excited. But nothing really gets a crowd full of New Found Glory fans pumped like hearing ‘My Friends Over You’ the second the opening guitar riff starts, you can see fans who’d previously been standing in the back of the crowd rush to the middle to start circle pits. Of all of the sets at Warped Tour, New Found Glory’s fans may be the most dedicated and excited out of all the crowds we’ve seen today. 6/10

sum 41

Source: Sara Feigin

Sum 41

Sum 41 played their first Warped Tour in 2001, so the fact that their side stage is filled with Warped Tour newbies makes a lot of sense. These guys are Warped Tour veterans and you can tell by the way they command the stage and keep the fans invested. The whole front row at Journey’s Left Foot Stage is wearing Sum 41 shirts. Before they go into their second song, ‘Over My Head’, singer and guitarist, Deryck Whibley, begins to point out to people in the crowd, asking who wants to be brought on-stage. A very energetic girl crowd surfs to the front of the crowd almost immediately and is brought on stage, and then a dude in the front row is pulled out to join her. Instead of being brought on stage to join Whibley in a song, the fans are just invited to enjoy the set from side-stage rather than the crowd. It’s an interesting choice, but the fans seem to love it. The rest of the set is filled with mainly songs from the past, but that’s what fans tend to love to hear. Closing the set out with long time favourites, ‘In Too Deep’ followed by the actual closer of ‘Fat Lip’ was definitely the best way to get fans talking about their set for the rest of the day. 5/10

the maine

Source: Sara Feigin

The Maine

It’s 6:30PM and our time at Warped Tour is almost complete. The Maine take the stage in matching blue dress pants and button up white shirts. A blue and white banner behind drummer, Pat Kirch, reads “You Are Watching A Band Called The Maine”. They start the set with ‘English Girls’, which was the first single off their latest album ‘American Candy’. The crowd lose their minds and John O’Callaghan, the band’s frontman, spends the whole song standing on the speakers in front of the stage as if to get closer to the cheering crowd. As the set goes on, O’Callaghan, spends most of his time standing on those speakers, grinning from ear to ear. At one point he even has a dance off with a guy in the crowd who he points out.

For a band that is spending their entirety of their summer on Warped Tour, the band’s energy never falters. They play the same seven songs every set, yet they change it up somehow every day. For one of the older songs they play in the set, ‘Girls Do What They Want’, it’s been a staple tradition for years to bring a fan on stage to sing the end of the song with O’Callaghan. Today a younger guy is brought on stage after crowd surfing. O’Callaghan is delighted when the guy actually knows the lyrics and also is a pretty talented singer. This moment was definitely the highlight of their set. Seeing such genuine fan-band interaction like that is what makes The Maine, The Maine. 6/10

young guns

Source: Sara Feigin

Young Guns

Young Guns hail from London, England and have been dreaming of playing Warped Tour since before they were even a band. While it’s not the first time the band has toured in America, it’s the first time they’ll be playing in almost every State. Young Guns home this summer is one of the smaller stages, The Poseidon Stage, but this doesn’t deter them one bit. Singer, Gustav Wood, owns the stage and gets an already excited crowd to completely lose their minds. Wood has the stage presence of a person who has been performing in front of crowds his whole life. Throughout the set the band give knowing smiles to one another, as if to say, “can you fucking believe it mate, Warped tour!” and it’s a really beautiful thing to see. ‘Bulletproof’ at the start of the set and ‘Bones’ at the end seem to be the two highest points for the band as well as the crowd, which makes sense as the former is their most recent single and the latter is one of their older songs. Young Guns were one of the highlights of the day, seeing a band that is so in tune with their fans when they know a large portion of them haven’t seen them live before, is really something one needs to see. 6.5/10

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