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Coheed And Cambria, We Capture Kings, Creeper And More Face The Jury

A whole host of bands including Coheed and Cambria and We Capture the Kings feature in this weeks Face the Jury. Find out what we thought of random tracks.

Coheed and cambria

It’s been a few weeks (apologies on our behalf) but welcome to another addition of Mosh’s Face the Jury. If you’re new to our feature firstly where have you been?! But secondly let’s explain the premise, we pick a random selection of tracks which we have been sent and these tracks get sent to a random selection of our staff who then let us know their thoughts.

Simple really, but will the team find some hidden gems or just the rubbish at the bottom of the barrel? It’s time to Face the Jury!

We capture kings- Stand in line

Brooke: Weirdly this song reminds me of You Me At Six crossed with Deaf Havana, which is great. The melody is really catchy and sweet. I like the use of the soft, smooth vocals, which compliments the bouncy tune. Overall the song is just an easy track to listen to. It works well as background music, but is also something you can really get into and sing along with. 3/5

Rob: Think You Me At Six meets Twin Atlantic and you’ve got We Capture Kings. Their tunes are perfect for nice, easy listening especially with Will Cahill’s calming vocals. It’s basically mature pop-punk, which I can definitely get on board with. If you’re keen on bouncy, light-hearted music with mature, relatable themes then give this a listen. 4/5

Antoine: Summer vibes coat this tune. It won’t get you breaking furniture, but you will definitely want to take it home to show your nan. There is smooth vocals and melody pouring out of this tune. Solid.  2.5/5

Callum: This entire sound seems to just be the in thing at the moment. Twin Atlantic, Lower Than Atlantis and the likes are certainly the ones that are perfecting it, but that doesn’t stop every man and his dog attempting to take a piece of the pie. The vocals are decent and all, but are fairly droney in places, and just lacks anything that stands out and just blends into one simple track. 2.5/5

Coheed and Cambria- You got spirit, kid

Brooke: First of all, let’s just put it out there that I really dig the title of the song. The track starts off with this off-beat, optimistic, 70s vibe and continues with that same upbeat tone throughout, which I really enjoy. The song is really quite unique. It’s a weird blend of old school rock, 70s psychedelic, and even has a bit of an 80s vibe to it – I may be the only one hearing all these elements, cause I’m weird. But I just really like the track. 3.5/5

Rob: NEW COHEED! YES! This is definitely less progressive and experimental than usual but a diversion is always a nice change. It sounds like the band are in a happy place right now, even if one of the lyrics is “nobody gives a fu*k who you are”. If you’re a fan of oldschool story-telling Coheed And Cambria then this change may be too much for you but it’s nice to see a more straight-forward and mainstream (?) side to the band. 5/5

Antoine: There is some nice fret work on display without overdoing it. A tune which is tailor-made for the radio, containing plenty of woah ohs and a ridiculously catchy chorus. A natural mood lifter and not a far-out prog trip you would usually expect. 4/5

Callum: It’s exciting seeing a Coheed revival right now. As someone who listened to the likes of ‘The Suffering’ and ‘Welcome Home’ 10 years ago, hearing Carlos’ docile tones once again, and ultimately, hearing it in a fantastic come-back track is pure bliss. There was something ultra concept about Coheed, and they really haven’t lost that, but at the same time seem to be making it easier for new fans to get involved. 4.5/5

Creeper- Honeymoon Sweet

Brooke: The vocals in the track are pretty good, they sound very classic rock- which I always love. The song is sweet, but is very repetitive, and isn’t all that exciting. 2.5/5 

Rob: Creeper are like the ultimate fun Goths. Their music is lively and danceable even though they just crawled out of a grave. While the song isn’t over complicated, the band have clearly already nailed the art of writing a catchy hook that’s sure to stick in your head. You’ll be humming the melody for quite some time after listening. It’s a nice, carefree summer anthem too, kind of like a 5 Seconds Of Summer track but for goths and rockers. 3/5

Antoine: The video is dope and more importantly so is the song. Hints of AFI can be found throughout, whether it is the effortless hooks or the romance tinged in darkness. There are some grand ideas that come to the fore, especially a moment of LostAlone theatrics. Expect even bigger things from these Southampton scamps. 4.5/5

Callum: Oh shit man, Creeper are one of my new jams at the moment, and it’s obvious why, it’s a punk revival of the best kind. If you like punk, and more importantly melodic punk music get into this band as you’ll have the time of your goddamn life. Thankfully I seem to be seeing a lot more people speaking about this band recently, and it’s much deserved. The chorus is catchy as fuck. 4.5/5

Coast to coast- Empty

Brooke: I have no idea what easycore is, but I’m guessing it just means really chill pop punk, which is what this is. The track is typical, generic pop-punk, with matching generic hooks and breakdowns, but luckily I like pop-punk, so it’s pretty good. 3.5/5

Rob: If you’re a fan of A Day To Remember and Neck Deep then it’s pretty likely you’ll enjoy this band. Straight from the intro they make you just want to get up and dance, which is always a good sign. Sometimes it’s pointless having two clean vocalists but these guys actually compliment each other well with their difference in range. Definitely worth a listen! 4/5

Antoine: Coast To Coast? More like early You Me At Six to Four Year Strong, such is their influence that runs through ‘Empty’. What this track lacks in originality it sure makes up for in contagious hooks. Bound to get you bouncing with the dual vocal attack. 3/5

Callum: Standard pop-punk, but the big thing about this band is they seem to be crucially making it big in Japan, a country who don’t seem to have much in the way of pop punk at this moment and is only really recently embracing rock music in general. It’s not really that imaginative of a track, and honestly I’m confused as to what the two separate vocalists add, but they’ve found an area that they can crack and I say well done to them.  2.5/5

Lets talk daggers- I love you dad, But i’m mental

Brooke: I like the whole chaotic, disjointedness of it all, and I like that it’s contrasted with the soft instrumental bit in the middle. The song however, isn’t something I’d ever listen to, because it just doesn’t do anything for me. But if you like weird music that confuses the crap out of you, and you have no idea what’s going on, or if you’re even listening to the same song anymore, then this could be your jam. 1.5/5

Rob: With a title like that you know you’re not going to get a normal track (or band, for that matter) and that prediction is 100% correct. It’s speedy, messy, bizarre and totally fun. You don’t know where it’s going to go next so you just have to strap-in and hold on for dear life as the band take you through their obscure minds. The video is just as odd, too. They were definitely on some sort of weird stuff when they wrote this, so it makes you want to hear more. 2.5/5

Antoine: The title track is almost like a warning for those about to click play. This is wappy, chaotic and bat shit crazy, and that’s just the video. The music has hints of punk, before jerking to hardcore. Let’s Talk Daggers play like their tripping on acid one minute before dropping a speed bomb the next. Unpredictably awesome. 4.5/5

Callum: Highly experimental and technical track, sort of a kin to Protest The Hero, but don’t seem to have cracked the catchiness of some of Protest’s tracks. You can certainly appreciate the skill that’s gone into making the track, and is certainly unique, but ultimately I feel that the attitude of being incredibly unique may well be their downfall. 2/5

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