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Code – Lost Signal | Album Review

Code have decided to play around with the sound of previous tracks and produce new recordings. Was it worth it?


Source: Album Artwork

When a band take themselves back into the studio to re-record some songs, it is a sign of one of two things. Either the band didn’t believe in the songs in the first place, or they are willing to fuck with their sound to such an extent that they will fuck with things they spent hours (if not longer) making in the first place just to see what happens. It appears with Code we have the latter, and it’s a very interesting listen.

Lost Signal manages, whilst being a collection of songs taken from Code’s career, to also have a narrative of sorts in it’s own rights. The first three tracks, ‘On Blinding Larks‘, ‘Cocoon‘ and ‘Affliction‘ are all taken from their most recent album Mut. These songs are a bit stronger than the latter ones, not least because they have some actual bite to them, transitioning into black metal and hard rock in places, but also because the songs themselves feel like more of a coming together of a band’s ideas, whilst still being very diverse.

The Rattle of Black Teeth‘, ‘The Lazarus Cord‘ and ‘Brass Dogs‘ are all fine but (especially in the case of ‘The Lazarus Cord‘) do feel a bit more like prog wankery rather than the more hard-hitting, more diverse tracks that came before. When Code are going a bit harder and turn the rock up a bit more they resonate far better with us – doomy prog is fine for a while but nearly eight minutes of it for one song starts to become a little tiresome.

It’s hard to say whether this is just fan service that’s unexpectedly turned into something much better, or if Code have actually utilised their scope as musicians to make something that old and new fans can listen to and think “oh that’s cool”. Either way, Lost Signal is worth listening to, and it’s a very positive step in the right direction that a band in this day and age is willing to make music and then develop in in this kind of way.

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