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Choir Vandals – At Night | EP Review

Missouri indie rock four-piece Choir Vandals are set to release their EP, At Night later this month. Find out what we thought here!

Source: EP Cover/PR

Sometimes, there are some bands and you just can’t understand what on earth they’re singing about, but for one reason or another, you’re intrigued by them. Missouri hailed indie rockers Choir Vandals are one said band. Their sophomore EP At Night contains just about enough shoegaze to keep you occupied for the next year or two. From distorted guitar tones to lyrics which sound like a blur of indie tendencies, this alternative quartet aim to to satisfy your experimental side in just four tracks.

The EP begins in an exceedingly broody manner in the form of ‘Monsters’. All your expected, stereotypical indie-rock conventions hit you in an instance. Scorchingly loud distortion hits you like a brick wall from their guitar work, intertwined with cymbal work and psychedelic vocals. Whilst it all works together in harmony, as an opener to an EP, it almost lacks something unique to draw your attention fully in. But, it can’t be ignored that this band know how to shoegaze there way around.

As the rest of the EP progresses, their sound changes very little, and explores music in a very similar vain to which the first leads on. The vocals begin to sound Arctic Monkeys-like, which we’re not going to complain about any time soon. This happens in particular in track ‘At Night And In The Rain’, whereby the momentum is at its best due to a burst of accomplished songwriting skills as both the lyrics are on the most part understandable, and the guitars sound calmer and more collected.

The undeniable highlight of the EP however is the closing track ‘Watch’. Its a complete difference to the rapidity of second track ‘Medicate’. In fact, we won’t be surprised if it ends up on a series of E4’s Made In Chelsea at some point in the future. Its calmer, and at some points dramatic moments would suit the show down to the ground. Turn the lights out, and the vocals could almost hypnotise you with their somber context.

All in all, this EP does exactly what it says on the tin, and that’s the problem. It ticks all the boxes for what make this genre so good. But at the same time, it doesn’t try too hard to go beyond that. Its a shame as you can see this band’s true potential all over the place.

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