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Cheerleader – On Your Side | EP Review

Cheerleader have released their new EP On Your Side. Read here to see what we thought.

Credit: EP Cover

Credit: EP Cover

Philly’s indie haze-pop rockers Cheerleader have released their brand new EP On Your Side. After having huge successes from the start of the band, and creating a debut album, they have now taken the time to record new material for their ever-growing fan base.

The EP kicks off with ‘On Your Side’; their first single, and title track which manages to sound like an old fashioned nostalgic teen, hood down, summer song. Something that would definitely please The Beach Boys. It’s simple, yet upbeat and will definitely provide you with a lift.

Next up, possibly our favourite song; ‘Perfect Vision’ more of a The 1975 vibe going on here. The melody is incredibly well thought-out and everything works. Cheerleader may be new to the music scene, but there is a reason their sound has appealed to a lot of people. The subject matter too, really hits home for those that understand that gnawing feeling ‘underneath our skin’ where we don’t know whether we’re coming or going and not particularly understanding what it is that we really want. But this song will provide you with the comfort, that you don’t have to hide. A strong song for the band, and one we can imagine would be an absolute hit to hear live. The atmosphere would be lifted by unity: supported by the electronic-fuses it’s an incredible produced track.

Then ‘Future Stars’ again offers a slightly different sound, one that is more infused with group harmonies and percussion. A Friday night song that will get you ready for the weekend, in the mood for a party.

Finally finishing off with ‘Tomorrow Always Knows’ which hits back home to their electro beats, a warning song that dwells well into sarcasm and irony. Cheerleader are giving their all with an unusual trip to the past, and pumping up their own material with a modern sentiment. We believe all tracks will at the very least allow a good mood to flow your way with this EP blaring through your speakers. On Your Side, indeed. Here to provide you with something new to listen to, and a worthwhile listen at that.

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