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Calculator – This Will Come To Pass | Album review

Check out what we thought of the re-released EP, ‘This Will Come To Pass’ from Calculator right here.

Credit: album cover

Credit: album cover

Calculator have kept themselves busy recently in garnering a promising reputation following their self-released EP ‘This Will Come To Pass’. So much so, in fact, that Count Your Lucky Stars have signed them onto the label and have decided to give it a re-release this month.So just what is the fuss all about? It certainly doesn’t take long to find out.

Overture‘ serves as the album opener in being a bouncing rampage of a song. Its 1:44 runtime is time enough for the Californians to play it their way – hard, fast and raucous. They waste no time in getting on with the show, with feedback serving as a bridge into ‘Gasping But Somehow Still Alive‘, which is perhaps the most fitting title for this twitching, maniacal effort. There are so many different turns and elements here that you can hear them strain to keep it all together, but they somehow do.

Brooding Over‘ and ‘Becoming Whisperings‘ are the first signs of a credible and illustrious career for Calculator here though. The former showcases the band’s ability to adhere to the tried and true song structure without losing its abrasive exterior, whilst the latter serves as an indicator that Calculator can be – well, calculated – biding their time and building layer upon stunning layer, to a crescendo that pits the track as an early high point.

There will be those that argue the album peaks too soon, and others that say it peaked just in time, as the rest of the album passes by in a flash. Individually the songs are good enough, but tracks six through ten play through without consequence. But it’s the crunching, surly duo of ‘Dark Victory‘ and ‘Last Breath‘ that brings this EP back from a dangerous precipice from whence it would have fallen into the realm of the long forgotten. Instead, they force life back into the record and make you want to give it another chance, and then every time you play it back, you find a new quirk to their sound or a new charm to their songwriting. This EP is a ‘grower’ but frankly, it’s worth the time you need to invest to fully enjoy it.

In their seven year history, Calculator have never established themselves as key players in the ever-rising rock scene, but ‘This Will Come To Pass’ certainly has vast shades of promise and accomplishment, and one may suggest that there are big things awaiting them – very big things indeed.

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